Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Talvyn is such a bright spot in our lives. He is very kind, sweet, stubborn, and wordy... Some of the things that he has said this past year have really blown our minds. Here are a few...

"When people get mean, they turn into women."

"That guy just likes to do that because he is old."

To Aunt Dina: "I love you, but I don't like my mom because she is old." Dina said, "I'm older than your mom." He replied, "I know. You're old too."

To an 18 month old girl turning the light on and off in the stairway: "Knock it off, you idiot!"

To a picture of his cousin Marek: "Oh look, it's baby Jesus." Obviously that was recently around the holiday season.

After leaving his stuffed puppy in the cold car while shopping: "My puppy is dead because we left him in the car."

If someone asked him where he was in a family picture taken before his birth he would seriously reply, "My mom ate me."

About a neighbors volkswagon bug that he would like to have: "If I ask them to drive their car would they say yes?" I said, "no." A few days later : "If I take their car and fill it up with gas then they would say thanks."

If asked if he needs to use the bathroom the general reply was "Nope, I'm all empty."

One day he got mad at me for trying to get him to go potty on the toilet. His anger towards me was voiced like this: "I'm going to go outside and poop in the middle of the street. Then a car will drive by and swerve. Then they'll go off the road into the dirt." I guess I should think before I make him angry...this kid make plans.

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