Wednesday, January 2, 2008


As most of us related to Talvyn know...he loves to make up words. Tonight he decided to use a new sentence over and over again. "I'm a dick!" He repeatedly said this sentence over and over again while playing in my egg flour noodle mess. It took Trevor and I a while to realize what our child was actually saying. In disbelief we looked at each other and Trevor asked him what he was saying. He replied, "dick." Trevor asked him what that meant and Talvyn said, "it's a crane." We both started laughing, hopefully Talvyn doesn't come up with anymore harmful words to call himself.


Bigfoot Fuhrmann's said...

Oh my, Oh my!! Wondering if Dick was a Crane on some show? Hopefully Marek won't be learning some words from his cousins. But, this just made me laugh!

Ryan, Sarah, Jenna, Luke, and JT said...

Cute blog! I found your blog through Deny's bacause he posted a bulletin on myspace announcing that he has a new blog. We have been wondering how you guys have been and now we feel like we are more up to date. We don't get to Emmett much anymore because my parents retired last year! Check out our blog at When are you due? We are expecting our 4th in May!

Kim A. Hodges said...

That is soooo funny! I wonder where he came up with that one.