Saturday, March 29, 2008

Blogging Fun!

I am so excited. It seems that everyone is blogging these days. I love going onto others blogs and reading their news. I love that the important people in our lives our doing this (minus a select few who know who they are). I love the feeling of connection that we can still maintain because of these crazy little blogs.


Dina said...

What are you saying? ...Lol

Holly said...

Hi Dana! I just talked to Di and she told me about her blog and's so cute! I love the story about 'Underwear Boy' and I didn't know you were already scheduled for your c-section, that's exciting! We need to get together and start walking in the mornings, Ethan is always begging to go outside and wanting to play with his 'church boys'.

Holly said...

Dana, of course you can link to our blog! Let me know when would be a good time to get the boys together, mine both have colds so we'd probably need to wait until next week. We could go to the park or something.

Anonymous said...

Dana, how's it goin'! I found your blog from Deny's. It's fun to see your family. Congrats on the little one on the way! Check out my family's blog too. I love to hear from you!

Di Cluff said...

Hi Dana,
We missed 2 of our VT ladies last month. What about encouraging them all to write a blog and we could blog the lesson to them on the same day and call it Virtual Visiting Teaching.
I haven't missed the spirit of VT-ing, have I?

Rhonda said...

Hi Dana!!

I was just talking to Trudy today and she mentioned that you and Trevor had a blog! I, of course, had to go and do a search and found you!!

I love that more people are doing blogs. I've been trying to encourage my other kids to do them also, but so far they haven't wanted to. Just my daughter Kami and I...oh and my grandson Collin has his own blog.

I'm so glad to see how all of you are doing!! Take care! I'll check back from time to time and check how you are all doing!!