Saturday, March 15, 2008


It has been a while since I posted anything, but there actually is some news from our home. I am scheduled to have my baby by c-section on May 27.

Trevor was finally released out of a young men's calling (last seven years) and is now the ward mission leader.

Talvyn is busy being himself. He lately told Emily (the young girl he plays with at Grandma's house) that he doesn't love her; he just likes her. Yes, we have already started prompting him about appropriate feelings towards girls. Talvyn has also been learning stories and pretending to read. He sat down with The Book of Mormon two nights ago and pretended to read to Trevor. He read, "Alma was rebellious and he fought against the right." At least he knows what the book has in it.


Tiniel said...

May 27th! We'll be looking forward to that birthday for sure. That will be in the middle of court and such for us, but Eli and Daxtyn (maybe?) will be the closest of buddies. Congrats to the ward mission leader and let us know what you're doing for Spring Break, love Tiniel

Deny, Jenn, & Marek said...

Let me know if you have any questions about the c-section that you may have. That is so exciting and can't wait to see the little one.

Garett said...

I am catching up on my blog reading and have been denied access to Derrec and Tiniel's. Can you let them know that I would like access to read about their exiting lives?

I look forward to seeing my little nephew Daxtyn in December when Larissa and I come through on our way to Dallas, TX.