Sunday, April 6, 2008

Can't Find a Better Man

Talvyn is such a good little helper. He loves to help get the clothes out of the laundry, he loves to put soap in the dishwasher and turn it on, he loves to vacuum, and he even loves to help clean the bathroom. A few weeks ago Talvyn and I went out to the car and he beat me into the garage. When I got out to the car he had my door open and he was waiting in his car seat for me to buckle him up. I asked him why he opened my door and he answered, "Daddy always does." I melted! I have the best husband in the world and it is Talvyn that helps me recognize this. Trevor helps out with everything and always treats me with respect. I truly believe that is why Talvyn is such a good helper.


Holly said...

That's so sweet, I'm thankful for men who set good examples for our little guys, it's so important for them to learn while they're young.

Di Cluff said...

That is a great lesson learned. Kudos to Trevor!