Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Who do I look like?

Talvyn was at Grandma and Grandpa Fuhrmann's house last night while Trevor and I were at the temple.  While he was there he played in a dirt pile so Grandma gave him a nice soak in the tub.  After the bath she put him in an old t-shirt of hers and a pull-up.  He then walked up to Grandma with his hands raised in the air and said, "who do I look like?" She instantly thought that it was me since he has seen me in a lot of big clothes lately.  He said nope.  She couldn't think of anything, but he finally told her his answer....JESUS.  He thought that he looked like Jesus because his sleeves hung down and his shirt was really long.

Also notice his black mark under his left eye.  That was a little accident while playing at Grandma's house with Drew.

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Di Cluff said...

And I thought he didn't want to be a Child of God :)