Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Daxtyn's First Hair Cut

Before--Looking like an old man.

During--Sleeping through the whole thing.

After--Looking like a real boy.

Happy to have it all off!

I know people will think that I am crazy, but I love short hair on boys (and men). I like to keep my men well groomed. I decided to give Daxtyn a cut after I gave one to Trevor and Talvyn. Daxtyn slept through the whole experience because I left the vacuum on while I was cutting. Now his hair should grow out nice and even.

Talvyn's Other B-Day Party

On July 22, we had another birthday party for Talvyn at our house. We had Pizza Hut pizza, salad, kool-aid, ice cream, and birthday cake. This year we made Talvyn a Lego cake. He received Lego's from everyone who attended and got some books from us. I love to have reasons for family get togethers.

Monday, July 28, 2008


I know that many people have been obsessed by the Twilight books lately. I read Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse this summer and am patiently waiting for Breaking Dawn coming out on August 2. I just read chapter one of Midnight Sun, which is Twilight from Edward's perspective. You can read it by going to Midnight Sun (go to the bottom of the page and click on the link there). I also have found trailers for the upcoming movie, Twilight, that I think that you all might want to give a look at. Trailer 1 Trailer 2. I am really not into the obsession stage, but I do enjoy a good read.

Geekin' Out

About six years ago I started reading The Sword of Truth Series. After waiting until the books were all written I finished the series this summer. Well Trevor was reading up on some comic-con highlights and what would you know...they are turning it into a TV series. I am so excited. Here is a link to a preview.
If any of you would like to read the books they are written by Terry Goodkind and there are eleven of them.

My Son the Brute!

After doing our nightly routine (singing a song, family prayer, and reading scriptures), Talvyn asked me why Abinidi had to die. I told him that King Noah didn't like that Abinidi told him that he was wicked and needed to change, so he had Abinidi killed. Talvyn's very serious answer was, "Well, I would just punch him in the face." I guess my child would just like to use brute force to change the world.

Geography Lesson

Here is a conversation that we had with Talvyn at the park yesterday.
Talvyn: I want to go in there (the playground).
Trevor: We can't because we need to go.
Talvyn: Where are we going?
Trevor: To China.
Me: Would you like to go to China?
Talvyn with large, questioning, scared eyes: Walk there?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Talvyn is Four

Talvyn had his fourth birthday on July 17th. He had a party at his Grandpa and Grandma William's house. His Grandma made him a Herbie cake, which was really yummy. His Great Grandma Stewart and Great Grandma and Grandpa Williams were there along with his Grandparents Williams. He also had his cousins Tyler, William, and Taryn there and their mommy Aunt Tiffani. He received a game, ball, clothes, money, Indiana Jones whip, and a Batman costume. Over the weekend he got to haul hay with Grandpa, ride four-wheelers, ride motorcycles, and ride in a tractor. He had lots of fun playing in a mud pit with his cousins.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 4th Weekend

My and Trevor's family got together for 4th of July weekend and Daxtyn's baby blessing. We had a BBQ in our backyard. We had 26 people over for food, fun, and fireworks.

The next day Trevor's parents came to our house along with Trevor's brothers (except for Garett who lives in Alaska) and their families came over for pizza and Mario Kart Wii. This is a picture of Talvyn and Areyan getting into the kool-aid. They moved a water jug under the jug with the kool-aid and filled it up. Then they decided to drink out of it like a water trough.
We blessed Daxtyn on Sunday the 6th of July. We are so grateful for all of our friends and family who came to support us. After church we had 28 people over to our house for a nacho bar and lemonade. Then people began to leave. We were so happy to have most of the important people in our lives here for our special weekend.

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yes, I just had my birthday last Thursday (July 10th). It will be my last birthday forever because I am not going to get any older than 29. My husband is so great about birthdays. This year he surprised me with me a Cricut machine (the 24 inch one). He knew I wanted one, but knew that I wouldn't ever buy it for myself. He also got me a movie that I have wanted for a while (BBC's Wives and Daughters). He also took me to PF Chang's for lunch and to the Cheesecake Factory for my very own birthday cheesecake. My husband pretty much spoils me rotten.


Definitely MAC. We got a new computer on Saturday and we decided to go with the IMAC. We are in love. So far it has been great. I am really excited for IPhoto and IMovie. So if you start getting photo books or movies for Christmas thank my wonderful computer and the programs that make it so easy to do.

Back in the Saddle

Well some of you already know, but I am going to be coaching volleyball at Emmett High School again. I have been in the gym all summer and am putting on a v-ball camp next week. Yeehaw!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Little Over a Month

Daxtyn is a little over a month old now. We took him to the doctor yesterday and despite his acid reflux he is already over 11lbs. He is such a blessing to our family. These are the boys in their matching outfits from Uncle Deny and Aunt Jenn. Talvyn loves to match his brother.

Acid Reflux

For the last two weeks Daxtyn has been fussy. It has been hard that our perfect little baby has been acting this way and that we didn't know how to help him. We took him to the doctor yesterday and she told us that he has acid reflux. He now have to give him medicine twice a day. I hope that it works. Here are the signs that he had, a lot of spit up (coming out of the nose), frequent hiccups, arching of the back, cluster feeding, painful grunting, and crying after eating for about 1/2 to one hour.

In Loving Memory

Gerald John Stewart
February 22, 1926-June 24, 2008
Trevor's Grandpa Stewart passed away last week. He was a special man. I would describe him as honest, hard-working, dutiful, patriotic, and fun. He was always telling stories and jokes. One of my favorite stories is the one about him watching the raising of the flag in Okonawa. I loved his flirting nature and him always asking Trevor who the pretty girl was that he brought with him. After over seven years his flirtatiousness and stories never got old. We will deeply miss him, but I know that families can be together forever. I am greatly blessed by the plan our Heavenly Father created for us to return to Him with our families.

Just to name a few...

Talvyn still says some incredible things sometimes, here are a few...

While eating a nice Sunday dinner last week Talvyn took a large bite and then very seriously looked up at me and says, "this is freaking good!"

After some very intersting conversations about healthy eating (the importance of protein in your diet) he brought me a ding dong and asked, "Does the white stuff have protein in it?"

He walks around singing ABBA songs (Mamma Mia and Supertrooper).

He also sings "Everybody's working for the weekend." I still have no idea where this came from. He claims it is from a movie.

He tells me to switch the radio station if he hears Miley Cyrus, because he hates Hannah Montana. I don't know how he knows when it is her on the radio; I just hear "awe, switch it mom."

He gives directions for people on how to hold, sooth, or talk to Daxtyn.

His thoughts on primary, "It wasn't boring today."

Also about primary..."Jesus, told me to be good in Sister Basset's class." When I asked when he replied, "Before I came to Earth."