Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Daxtyn's First Hair Cut

Before--Looking like an old man.

During--Sleeping through the whole thing.

After--Looking like a real boy.

Happy to have it all off!

I know people will think that I am crazy, but I love short hair on boys (and men). I like to keep my men well groomed. I decided to give Daxtyn a cut after I gave one to Trevor and Talvyn. Daxtyn slept through the whole experience because I left the vacuum on while I was cutting. Now his hair should grow out nice and even.


Rhonda said...

Daxtyn is so cute!!! Love the pics!

Thanks for the comments on my blog!! I think I make everyone gain weight!!

Just to let you know, I'm not really related to the Brewers.

It goes like this:

Kami married Eric, his mother is Tina, and her brother is Steven. I'm with Kami, Eric and Tina all of the time so they just invite me to everything!!! I like it!! We do a lot of things with the Brewers!! I think I'm elected to do Kaitlyn's cake every year now!! lol

Tiniel said...

cute lego cake! daxtyn is getting his own baby look! how is his reflux? tiniel

The Sayer Family said...

That makes me laugh that Daxtyn slept through the whole thing! I can't believe how big he is getting. What a cutie!

Kristi said...

I, for one,don't think you're crazy for loving well groomed men!Everyone always gives me a hard time too..why do you cut Ben's hair so short...or the boys REALLY DON't need a haircut-it's already short! But my boys are kept up too-the way I like 'em!!What a cute little boy you have!Love him while he's tiny-it all goes soooo fast!! C-ya!

Di Cluff said...

Daxtyn isn't really happy, he's just got gas. Cutting a baby's hair before the age of two should be a crime.