Monday, July 28, 2008

Geekin' Out

About six years ago I started reading The Sword of Truth Series. After waiting until the books were all written I finished the series this summer. Well Trevor was reading up on some comic-con highlights and what would you know...they are turning it into a TV series. I am so excited. Here is a link to a preview.
If any of you would like to read the books they are written by Terry Goodkind and there are eleven of them.

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Tiniel said...

dana, i need some good reads, so does my mom. what are these series about? just curious if you still check your e-mail or has changed? i've sent you some pix and was wondering e-mails on trevor's siblings? i've edited and cropped about 35 pictures for you from our photo shoot in my basement. as soon as i get stamps they'll be on your way to your house. love, tiniel