Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yes, I just had my birthday last Thursday (July 10th). It will be my last birthday forever because I am not going to get any older than 29. My husband is so great about birthdays. This year he surprised me with me a Cricut machine (the 24 inch one). He knew I wanted one, but knew that I wouldn't ever buy it for myself. He also got me a movie that I have wanted for a while (BBC's Wives and Daughters). He also took me to PF Chang's for lunch and to the Cheesecake Factory for my very own birthday cheesecake. My husband pretty much spoils me rotten.


Tiniel said...

good husband! i want to play with your new die cut machine (SWEET) i have a card link i'm going to send you with card ideas for your die cuts. 29 is forever! i agree, but the 30s have been pretty sweet too. xo T

Di Cluff said...

I need a bunch of cards, whats your price? Trevor, thanks for setting the bar high for birthday pampering and setting a good example for all the mens out there top take care of their womens.