Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just to name a few...

Talvyn still says some incredible things sometimes, here are a few...

While eating a nice Sunday dinner last week Talvyn took a large bite and then very seriously looked up at me and says, "this is freaking good!"

After some very intersting conversations about healthy eating (the importance of protein in your diet) he brought me a ding dong and asked, "Does the white stuff have protein in it?"

He walks around singing ABBA songs (Mamma Mia and Supertrooper).

He also sings "Everybody's working for the weekend." I still have no idea where this came from. He claims it is from a movie.

He tells me to switch the radio station if he hears Miley Cyrus, because he hates Hannah Montana. I don't know how he knows when it is her on the radio; I just hear "awe, switch it mom."

He gives directions for people on how to hold, sooth, or talk to Daxtyn.

His thoughts on primary, "It wasn't boring today."

Also about primary..."Jesus, told me to be good in Sister Basset's class." When I asked when he replied, "Before I came to Earth."

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