Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Release

Do you have any idea of what these people are standing in line for at Wal-Mart? It is the midnight release of Breaking Dawn. My sisters and I were at Wal-Mart shopping and wondered what was going on. We left at midnight just in time to witness the line beginning to get huge and the parking lot speedily filling up. Before we exited we watched as Wal-Mart employees brought out three pallets of the book. It was nuts!


Holly said...

How insane! I really need to get started reading the first one so I know what everyone is talking about!

Di Cluff said...

I have recently learned about these books and the popularity of them. I am the mother of a book snob, he's pretty funny too. Dana with out taking offense read his blog titled "Breaking Wind." He gives a review of Breaking Dawn. Follow the Ben & Shaunie link on my blog to find it. I would love to read your comments, he has started quite the discussion on these books.