Monday, September 29, 2008

We need a What?

Talvyn thinks that we need a gun. Talvyn informed Trevor that Grandma was going to get him a pistol tonight. We don't have any guns in our house nor do we hunt or anything of the like, so Trevor asked Talvyn what he was talking about. Talvyn told Trevor again that Grandma was going to get him a pistol. Trevor blew it off and started talking about his ninja skills and some ninja weapons that he might use, but Talvyn continued to get angrier and angrier telling Trevor that those things were "stupid." Talvyn then told Trevor to look at the scratch on his (Talvyn's) forehead and that he needed a pistol for it. Trevor asked why and Talvyn said it was to protect him from the monters. Talvyn believes that he got the scratch from a fat fire monster with a huge head, no body and short legs. Trevor said they should use a fire extinguisher to put out the fire monster, but Talvyn thought it would be better to go get the hose and set it up to spray automatically inside the house to put out the monster's fire. I think that Talvyn would still prefer the pistol.

Riddle Me This

On the way home from church Talvyn asked, "what is under a house and another house?"

I had no idea what he was getting at and asked for him to repeat his question, so with real impatience in his voice he asked again, "what is under a house and another house?"

I said, " I don't know...dirt?"

He then yelled, "No, a sewer you IDIOT!"

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sick Kids

Trevor was sick this weekend and now Talvyn is sick too. Both boys have colds, but Talvyn is vomiting. I didn't believe Talvyn when he told me that his tummy hurt and that he threw up when Grandma was watching him. I made him eat lunch and get in the car to go to a volleyball game in Mountain Home. (Gee-I am such a great mom.) When we got in the car he started compaining that he wanted to go home. We had made it about 10 minutes and then he covered himself and that car in vomit. We made some major modifications in our travels and I drove to Nampa instead of Mt. Home to give Trevor the duty of tending a sick child. After a few more puking outbursts and a trip to Wal-Mart for some new clothes for Talvyn, I dropped Tal off at Trevor's school. I then drove to Mt. Home with my mom and Daxtyn. My girls won the game in a set of three, but the whole time I thought of my sick child and how I should be home with him. I wish that I lived in the baby boomer era where men could work and women could stay at home with their children while still having a nice home, two cars, and health insurance. I sure hope that my kids don't hate me for draging them on these crazy adventures.

Busy Life!

Thought I would give a quick update on what we are doing everyday, so that everyone understands that we are not mad at anyone or being reclusive on purpose. We really are just busy. Trevor and I get up and go to work. I leave at 7:20 and Trevor leaves at 6:35. I get home at 11:15 and Trevor gets home around six o'clock. Trevor then starts on his second job at IDLA (correcting papers and answering questions online). I leave the house at 2:40 and go to volleyball practice and arrive home around 6 o'clock at night. On game nights it is a different story we leave around 2:3ยบ and get home around 10:00. Life is crazy and I feel like we are going so much faster than we a physically able. The extra time goes to my very neglected children. My house is trashed, but oh well. We still love everyone and think of you during our split seconds of free time. I promise that we will resurface after volleyball ends. I know that everyone feels like this in their lives. When will it ever slow down to a nice moderate pace? Does it ever?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Volleyball Update

Our record is pretty good so far. We won the Kuna tournament. We barely lost to Mt. Home and Middleton. We beat Nampa, Columbia, and B.K. So far I think that these young girls are doing pretty well. They are a tough defensive team. We play at Emmett on Tuesday the 16th if anyone wants to come watch us play Kuna.

Monday, September 1, 2008

First Day of School

Some of you might not know that I am going to be teaching P.E. at Emmett Jr. High beginning tomorrow. I will be teaching 3 periods a day (7:30-10:40). I am pretty excited because this allows me to have a paycheck and coach volleyball. I will no longer be bringing home large stacks of papers, stressing about ISAT, IRI, or Iowa Basic Skills tests, or working for the spawn of Satan any longer. Heavenly Father has definitely looked out for me "even when I didn't understand...He rejected my demands and gave me the better part." I am truly thankful for a Heavenly Father that gives me what I need instead of what I want. This is better than what I thought that I wanted for myself. So wish me luck on my new adventure. Oh and Trevor starts teaching the kids at his school tomorrow. He doesn't need the luck thought because he is already pretty awesome!

Kuna Klassic Champs!

The girls on my team are really short and really young. I picked some nice girls that were going to work really hard for me. The expectations have been really low because of their ages and lack of experience, but sure enough they are causing some heads to turn. My volleyball team won the Kuna Klassic Volleyball Tournament this past weekend (12 teams were involved).

My three freshman!