Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween-The Justice League

Well we decided to sit at our photobooth and take a picture of our Halloween family. We made a quick attempt as the Justice League. I am Supergirl. Trevor is Green Lantern. Talvyn is Batman (he wore an actual Batman costume over his Batman pajamas). Daxtyn is Spiderman (for you nerds, yes, we do know that spiderman is actually a Marvel character and not DC--Justice League member).

Our neighbors (down the street) decorate extensively for Halloween with bonfires, torches, skeletons, witches, etc., so Trevor got up the gumption and took Talvyn there first. We then headed to our ward party. We skipped the dinner part and made it in time to socialize and let Talvyn decorate a cookie. Finally Trevor took Talvyn outside to trunk or treat. (I would like to give a special thank you to the wonderful Kaskel family who gave out our candy, so that I could stay inside with Dax.)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Preschool Halloween

Talvyn (Bruce or Batman) with his teachers, Sharon and Sandi.

What to do with a gold medal

During the Olympics this summer, Trevor and I had a few discussions on what to do with a gold medal. I told him that I would sell it and pay off our house. He got angry and told me that I was crazy.

I teach at Emmett Jr. High and today we had an anti-drug assembly. Our guest speaker was Kristin Armstrong the Olympic gold medalist in cycling. It was so awesome. She spoke about how she gets high on life and her "highs" of cycling and then she pulled out that gold medal. I started crying. I get so emotional when I see people who work so hard at sports. Then she talked about the feeling she got as she stood on the medal stand and listened to our national anthem.

So after today, I would not sell that imaginary gold medal. I would probably share it with others as Kristin did. (by the way--she has the most perfect legs ever.)

Monday, October 27, 2008


I am so bummed. I have been looking forward to seeing "Wicked" for some time and knew that it was coming to Salt Lake in April. Well tickets just went on sale and the cheap ones are $196. Ouch!!! I am so mad! In Portland the cheap tickets are $86. I think this is a plot against the Mormons. :) How wicked!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mexico and other random tales...

MEXICO...We went to a local Mexican restaurant the other night.  When we got inside the hostess quietly took us to our table and brought us menus and water.  It was obvious that she didn't speak English very well.  Talvyn then stated, "we are in Mexico, aren't we?"  We said no we are in Emmett still. He then said, "She speaks Spanish."  He then preceded to tell us that one of the painting in the place was from the Book of Mormon.  It was really familiar to some paintings from the B of M.  The best part of the night was when the waitress came to our table to refill our glasses.  Talvyn timidly said, "gracias." The waitress smiled at him and said good.  He was very proud of himself for being able to communicate in Spanish.

DARTH VADER THEME...Talvyn has been saying everything to the tune of Darth Vader's theme music.  I'm done, done, done, du-done, du-done, done.

KNOCK, KNOCK...Talvyn loves knock, knock jokes.  His newest one is "Knock, Knock"  "Who's there?" "Nobody." He then closes his lips tight and grins.

DRAGGING HIS BROTHER...Talvyn has been dragging Daxtyn around the house by his feet.  He also has been pushing him around in his bouncy seat.  We tell him not to do it, but Talvyn will then tell us that Daxtyn is tough.  Sad part is that he is right and Daxtyn smiles as he is getting dragged/pushed around the house. 

I'M DUUUN...I know that one day I will miss this, but for right now these are the words that I dread.  Time to wipe.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

AWW! It's Over!

Yes, volleyball is over. We did not do as well as I would have liked at districts, but my girls are still awesome. I was really pleased with the way they learned to handle themselves under difficult situations and the choices that they made. I am still just trying to teach myself that winning isn't everything.

Now I get to go back to real life (normal sleep, bed times, no more convenience food, and getting to see my husband).

Monday, October 20, 2008

What would you do to fit in?

I have been pondering lately what some teenagers and adults are doing to fit in. I notice that kids are so dishonest and that the only people they seem to be true to are those friends that are doing bad things. I notice that cell phones are becoming a means of communicating porno. Kids are sending pretty graphic photos of themselves to other kids and then they are sent to everyone else. (side note-parents if you don't think that kids are doing this then think again. My volleyball players will sit on the sidelines before games and all at once I will hear "eww." They will then tell me which naked picture they just saw. Boys and girls are doing it.) Nothing new, but kids are partying at younger and younger ages. Kids are bringing alcohol to school and some try to sell it. Kids don't want to put forth effort to get good grades anymore. I am so tired of mediocrity being alright. What happened to putting forth your best effort? What happened to dressing up for important things (school, work, church, etc)? What happened to language being more uplifting instead of being so vulgar and degrading? I am so tired of kids trying to fit in with the crap of society and parents allowing them to do it. Shouldn't we all make our children pick it up?

The other day we went on a family date to Olive Garden and Talvyn had on some play clothes. We told him that he needed to wear more appropriate clothes for eating out, of course he was mad that he couldn't wear his little Incredible Hulk shirt to lunch. When we got there, we noticed many other people dressed like slobs. How do I explain this to my child, who had to change? Luckily it didn't come up and hopefully he learned that we still expect him to do certain things that we deem are appropriate. I just wish that society would step it up and stop trying to fit in to mediocrity.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


My friend tagged me to do this post about six of my quirks. Here it goes...

1. I don't ever send forwards or tag people to do anything. I immediately delete forwards because I fear that they are loaded with a virus and I don't tag people because I don't want them to feel obligated do do anything they might not like. I am breaking the rules of this tag because I am supposed to tag others, but because of my quirk I am not tagging others and hope that I am forgiven by that person who tagged me (Jen B).

2. I rub my hands together all the time (for excitement, nervousness, boredom, and even frustration). I don't even recognize that I am doing it half of the time. My students used to ask me why I did this and I would reply because my hands are cold. Luckily my hands are always cold because this is a great scapegoat for me.

3. I binge read. Forget the rest of the world, once I start reading a book I can't put it down until I am finished.

4. I love music. I constantly have some theme song playing in my head during the day and occasionally it will burst forth from my lips. Right now I seem to like manly, rocker voices singing ballads. Other times its show tunes and sometimes is weird techno dance music.

5. I wipe my plate clean. I even scrape my plate with my fork to get everything off or use bread (if we have rolls or bread sticks with the meal). I can always tell who ate off which plate at dinner because of this quirk.

6. I hate making phone calls. I put off phone calls as long as possible and have to take deep breaths before I call anyone (even family and close friends). The worst part about this quirk is that my hubby has the same one. You should see how devious we can get when the phone rings at our house because neither of us wants to answer it. Unfortunately, Trevor has been training Talvyn how to answer so that he won't have to anymore.

AND #7. I hate touching peoples hands (besides my husbands). I hate that sweaty feel. I hate high fives to my VB girls and shaking hands before and after games. I am so grateful for hand sanitizer.

Hat or Headband

I picked up Talvyn from school last week and noticed that they made cute little headbands with real leaves stapled on the outside. As I walked Talvyn to the car I listened as the other students told their mom to look at their hats (of course, my child never volunteers any information about his day unless he finds something terribly stupid). When Talvyn and I got into the car I told him that I liked his hat (I assumed hat because that's what I heard the other kids say). He looked at me like I was on something, rolled his eyes, and then said, "it's not a hat; it's a headband." Why did he have to inherit the worst part of my personality?

Someone said...

Sometimes it is hard to have faith when you live in the world that we do. On this principle I heard that absolute best thing today in church. Brother Madsen gave a great talk in our ward about faith. He said, "to worry about the bad things that might happen is just making yourself experience them twice (if they do happen)." I know that worry is the opposite of faith, but sometimes I still do it. Why can't my logical side rule out the worry? I know from experience that things always work out for my own good, but I still make myself experience the bad things twice. I hope that I can get better at this.

Just call me Bruce

Talvyn wants to be Batman for Halloween. He has been walking around tonight in his Batman pajamas with his Batman mask and cape saying, "you can just call me Bruce."


Daxtyn started rolling a couple of weeks ago. Why do they get so mobile so fast?


Yes, I am behind on my posts, but oh well life is busy. Talvyn started preschool on October 7. Day 1: Talvyn tells the teacher that the book that she is reading is dumb and that she should read a different one. He told me that the book was for babies. Day 2: "I learned nothing." Day 3: I am pulled aside by the teacher to talk about an incident that Talvyn and another kid had during the day. The kid licked Talvyn's paper so Talvyn refused to have that paper. While the teacher was telling me this Talvyn notices that we were talking and throws rocks up into the air hitting many other students to distract us from talking. His plan worked, but he got into worse trouble for throwing rocks.

Now we have finished week two and it seems much better. He still believes that he "learns nothing" but I have seen an increased desire to learn words. We walk in the store and pick out letters and now he will say things like "E--L--K, what does that spell?" I hope that this desire continues.

Here he is on his first day!