Sunday, October 19, 2008


Yes, I am behind on my posts, but oh well life is busy. Talvyn started preschool on October 7. Day 1: Talvyn tells the teacher that the book that she is reading is dumb and that she should read a different one. He told me that the book was for babies. Day 2: "I learned nothing." Day 3: I am pulled aside by the teacher to talk about an incident that Talvyn and another kid had during the day. The kid licked Talvyn's paper so Talvyn refused to have that paper. While the teacher was telling me this Talvyn notices that we were talking and throws rocks up into the air hitting many other students to distract us from talking. His plan worked, but he got into worse trouble for throwing rocks.

Now we have finished week two and it seems much better. He still believes that he "learns nothing" but I have seen an increased desire to learn words. We walk in the store and pick out letters and now he will say things like "E--L--K, what does that spell?" I hope that this desire continues.

Here he is on his first day!


Tiniel said...

Talvyn is TOO smart, and TOO funny! Kiss him for me xoxo T

Nat said...

he seriously cracks me up.

The Sayer Family said...

It is probably a good thing that Carson and Talvyn don't get toegether a lot because we could spell "double trouble"! This sounds so much like Carson. Good luck with district tournaments this week!!!!!