Sunday, October 19, 2008


My friend tagged me to do this post about six of my quirks. Here it goes...

1. I don't ever send forwards or tag people to do anything. I immediately delete forwards because I fear that they are loaded with a virus and I don't tag people because I don't want them to feel obligated do do anything they might not like. I am breaking the rules of this tag because I am supposed to tag others, but because of my quirk I am not tagging others and hope that I am forgiven by that person who tagged me (Jen B).

2. I rub my hands together all the time (for excitement, nervousness, boredom, and even frustration). I don't even recognize that I am doing it half of the time. My students used to ask me why I did this and I would reply because my hands are cold. Luckily my hands are always cold because this is a great scapegoat for me.

3. I binge read. Forget the rest of the world, once I start reading a book I can't put it down until I am finished.

4. I love music. I constantly have some theme song playing in my head during the day and occasionally it will burst forth from my lips. Right now I seem to like manly, rocker voices singing ballads. Other times its show tunes and sometimes is weird techno dance music.

5. I wipe my plate clean. I even scrape my plate with my fork to get everything off or use bread (if we have rolls or bread sticks with the meal). I can always tell who ate off which plate at dinner because of this quirk.

6. I hate making phone calls. I put off phone calls as long as possible and have to take deep breaths before I call anyone (even family and close friends). The worst part about this quirk is that my hubby has the same one. You should see how devious we can get when the phone rings at our house because neither of us wants to answer it. Unfortunately, Trevor has been training Talvyn how to answer so that he won't have to anymore.

AND #7. I hate touching peoples hands (besides my husbands). I hate that sweaty feel. I hate high fives to my VB girls and shaking hands before and after games. I am so grateful for hand sanitizer.


dianeb said...

Dana - enjoyed all your updates! that baby CAN NOT be rolling over yet! Make him stop!
love those preschool stories!

From the Life of Jen B said...

I totally forgive you! and I'm glad to know more of your 'quirks' ya girl! :)

Holly said...

I had to laugh because I also HATE making phone calls-thank goodness for text messaging and emails! Also, I really don't like touching people's hands but even more than that-I hate being in places with tons of people like at fairs, waiting at a restaraunt with so many other people all crowding around, it just grosses me out with all of these strangers bumping up against you. Ugh!