Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What to do with a gold medal

During the Olympics this summer, Trevor and I had a few discussions on what to do with a gold medal. I told him that I would sell it and pay off our house. He got angry and told me that I was crazy.

I teach at Emmett Jr. High and today we had an anti-drug assembly. Our guest speaker was Kristin Armstrong the Olympic gold medalist in cycling. It was so awesome. She spoke about how she gets high on life and her "highs" of cycling and then she pulled out that gold medal. I started crying. I get so emotional when I see people who work so hard at sports. Then she talked about the feeling she got as she stood on the medal stand and listened to our national anthem.

So after today, I would not sell that imaginary gold medal. I would probably share it with others as Kristin did. (by the way--she has the most perfect legs ever.)

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Kim A. Hodges said...

I think that is great that she goes around and speaks to the kids. I remember when I watched her stand on that medal podium, I actually started getting teary-eyed watching her getting emotional.