Monday, October 27, 2008


I am so bummed. I have been looking forward to seeing "Wicked" for some time and knew that it was coming to Salt Lake in April. Well tickets just went on sale and the cheap ones are $196. Ouch!!! I am so mad! In Portland the cheap tickets are $86. I think this is a plot against the Mormons. :) How wicked!


Rhonda said...

We wanted to go to that sooooo bad!!! But....there is no way we can come up with that kind of money!

Tiniel said...

This is Wicked Dana (smile). Maybe we'll have to squeeze in your living room chair again and watch it on YouTube (one of my favorite memories of hangin' with you). I'm so glad you introduced me to the rest of that music, espcially "For Good"... Everytime I hear that song I still tear up. Tiniel

Di said...

It's from $40 to $258 at the Pantages in LA. I just bought tickets for my son, Dan and his girl friend for Christmas. I hope he likes it, I know she will. BTW I paid hte middle price of $108. SLC must think they are something special.