Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 2004

I keep hearing that Talvyn and Daxtyn look so much alike, so for kicks I thought that I would post a picture of Talvyn during his first Thanksgiving. For informational purposes, Daxtyn hasn't grown into these clothes yet and Talvyn was only 4 months old when these pictures were taken. (Talvyn was a fatty.)

We had dinner that day in Emmett with Dale's family (my brother in law). We were living in Grangeville at the time.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Daxtyn is Six Months Old

November 27th was also the 6 month mark for Daxtyn.
* First time in a high chair.Things he is doing:
*Eating rice cereal or oatmeal cereal and loving it.
*Waving (in mimicking style not on his own yet)
*Rolling everywhere
*Sits up on his own
*Cooing and baby babble
*Bottom two teeth coming in
*Always a smile


This year we decided to have an unconventional/traditional Thanksgiving. Trevor and I hosted the event, but there are not any rooms in our house large enough to host 14 people comfortably. We decided to feed everyone in our garage. My wonderful sister and I assigned food to different people. I brought the punch, turkey, turkey gravy (which mom made), and all of the place settings. Dina brought ham, ham gravy, green bean casserole, and stuffing (she tried Rachel Rays advice and made it crunchy by cooking it in muffin tins). Jenn brought the veggie tray. Mom brought mashed potatoes, 2 jello salads, and rolls. With everyone contributing it makes the meal pretty simple. We served it buffet style with everything on my kitchen table and counters, and everyone sat in the *clean* garage and ate (my Dad brought tent heaters to heat the garage--it stayed warm).

Then for dessert we made seven cheesecakes. Dina and I love cheesecake as do the majority of the members of our family, so we decided to experiment with cheesecakes. We made two key lime cheesecakes using a recipe that is supposedly the cheesecake factories key lime recipe. We made one junior mint cheesecake, two chocolate coconut cheesecakes, one sour cream cheesecake, and one sugar free cheesecake (for those diabetics).

We sat around and played games (tunebaya & last word) and later in the night we played the wii. It was a hoot to watch people try to hula hoop on wii fit. We munched all day and into the night drinking our punch (which is my mom's famous punch, but we added fresh limes to it) and eating a Fuhrmann family favorite dill pickle dip.

The kids ran around dancing in front of the webcam and dancing with their disco lights in Talvyn's room when they were not eating or playing the wii.

Weird huh? Eating in a garage, eating all day, no pumpkin pie-or any pie, and watching people flail their bodies around in a circle to an imaginary hula hoop. Our kind of day!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

One Cute Kid

Apple Crisp

So the other day I made not one, but three apple crisps. I gave one to the neighbors, fed the missionaries one night and served one for dessert, and the third...well I ate it myself. It takes me back to my single days when I lived with this cool chick named Kristi. It seems like we made this stuff all the time and just left our two forks in the pan to take bites whenever we walked by. I disgust myself!!!

More Talvyn Quotes

After we ate Chinese food the other night, Trevor stretched and said that he was full. Talvyn then looked at Trevor's belly and said, "you need to go jogging, Daddy."

Talvyn likes to say that he loves us more than we love him. Tonight as we were getting him all tucked into bed he told us that he loves us more, so I asked him if he would be willing to give up his Legos for Trevor. He said, "no, but you could have my curtains."

Here are some more pictures of Talvyn and his school work. I throw it all away and save the pictures. If you look close there is even some Sunday school work--he is pretty proud of himself.

Date Night!

Trevor and I went on a date on Friday. Guess what we did? We went and watched the movie Twilight. Crazy! There were teenage girls screaming, hyperventilating, and crying. I really liked the movie, but not enough to scream as Edward enters a room or cry from the agony of young lust (I mean love). A couple of girls in my Sunday school class talked about their reactions during and after the film (crying, screaming, etc.). One girl even asked, "Sister Williams, is love really like that?" I could tell that she was serious and so I responded kindly with, "no." I truly hope that young women out there would find it a little naughty that a girl cuddles in bed every night with her boyfriend (even if he is a vampire) or that she says that she is so mature when she can't seem to put a bridle on her hormones. We also took Wrangler and Jesica out to Chinese food for watching our kids during the movie.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

OH, Talvyn!

On Thursday, Talvyn had to take something for show and tell that started with the letter N. My mom was here and she sent him to school with an empty can of nuts. When I picked Talvyn up from school, his teacher laughingly said that Talvyn got out his show and tell and told the class that he brought a can of NOTHING (for the letter N). The teacher said that they asked if it was supposed to be a can of nuts , but he insisted that it was a can of n-n-Nothing.

This morning I made Malt O Meal (porridge) for breakfast. We all sat down at the table and Talvyn looked in his bowl and then at me and said, "What do you think we are... a bunch of bears or something?"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Talvyn's Schoolwork

The story on his face says it all...
...he loves having his picture taken.


I keep thinking that my son is growing up too fast. Lately he has not wanted to hold my hand in parking lots or stores because he is "big ." He has always been independent, but now that independence has started to turn to defiance and intolerance for others. I really love this child and hope that he will be a force for good in this crazy world of ours.

On a side note, last night for Family Home Evening we talked about the first presidency of our church. We asked Talvyn who they were after the lesson and Talvyn said President Monson, President Eyring, President Uchtdorf, and the black one. It took us a minute to figure out that he meant President elect Obama. Presidents of the church, President of the all sounds the same to him.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Secret Passage

Trevor and I had recently watched a show about houses with secret passages. Talvyn watched parts of it with us, but mostly played with his toys while we watched. Well earlier today Talvyn ran into the kitchen and came out to the living room with a butter knife. I asked him what he was doing with the knife and he said,"making a secret passage." I thought to myself that he had a good imagination until he knelt down on the floor and started sawing the carpet with the butter knife. I then asked, "what are you doing?" I then got "the look" and the answer, "I am making a hole for my secret passage." Ahhh. The knife got taken away and we had to explain that we couldn't make a seret passage that way. Bummer!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Day with Talvyn

Today Talvyn and I went on a date this afternoon. We went and watched Madagascar II. We had popcorn, drinks, and a treat for Talvyn (he had to have the exact same as Drew). When Talvyn got home he would not tell his daddy anything about our date (which he had strategized in the car). He still has not answered any questions concerning our date. I guess he likes to have his own private jokes.

Later in the evening Trevor and I discussed who would go to the stake conference adult session and who would stay home with the kids. Trevor thought that maybe he should stay home with the kids and do some work on IDLA (Trevor teaches an on-line class here). Trevor then said that maybe he wouldn't get any work done because the kids would be here. Later Trevor told me he would go and Talvyn said, "(Daddy) you stay home because you're not going to get any work done said." My kid says the darnest things to get what he wants.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well today is that blessed day, when political smearing, advertisements, television shows, and phone calls that are trying to tell us which way they would like for us to vote will end.

I already went and voted. I spent 5 minutes just staring at the presidential candidates. I wish they were all different. We are either going to head for a mass lesson on "hope and change" or going to be taught how to get "maverick-y." Maybe we will just "drill baby drill." Good luck to us all and God bless America (I think that we are in trouble whichever way it goes).

I thought this fight sums up our country right now. Fight-fight-fight-stupidity!

Saturday, November 1, 2008