Sunday, November 23, 2008

Date Night!

Trevor and I went on a date on Friday. Guess what we did? We went and watched the movie Twilight. Crazy! There were teenage girls screaming, hyperventilating, and crying. I really liked the movie, but not enough to scream as Edward enters a room or cry from the agony of young lust (I mean love). A couple of girls in my Sunday school class talked about their reactions during and after the film (crying, screaming, etc.). One girl even asked, "Sister Williams, is love really like that?" I could tell that she was serious and so I responded kindly with, "no." I truly hope that young women out there would find it a little naughty that a girl cuddles in bed every night with her boyfriend (even if he is a vampire) or that she says that she is so mature when she can't seem to put a bridle on her hormones. We also took Wrangler and Jesica out to Chinese food for watching our kids during the movie.

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Hodges Family said...

I haven't seen it yet but I can totally invision the young teenages girls!