Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Talvyn Quotes

After we ate Chinese food the other night, Trevor stretched and said that he was full. Talvyn then looked at Trevor's belly and said, "you need to go jogging, Daddy."

Talvyn likes to say that he loves us more than we love him. Tonight as we were getting him all tucked into bed he told us that he loves us more, so I asked him if he would be willing to give up his Legos for Trevor. He said, "no, but you could have my curtains."

Here are some more pictures of Talvyn and his school work. I throw it all away and save the pictures. If you look close there is even some Sunday school work--he is pretty proud of himself.


Angie said...

Talvyn is hilarious. I love reading about his antics. He is a smart kid. In case you're wondering, Lynn and I are the ones from Seattle that keep checking your blog. We got it from Deny's. It's fun to see what you're up to!

DeAnna said...

Hey! Taking pictures of your kids school work is a great idea. Where did you get it?