Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

This is Talvyn immediately after he ripped off a big piece of wrapping paper and told us that he just had to use it to write a thank you note right away. (He even looked at us and said, "Wow I wonder why I got so many things--maybe I've been really good this year.") This is Daxtyn in the Tinkertoys bucket just being too cute.

The boys sitting in front of their stuff and Daxtyn playing in his new inflatable play area.

The room before the opening of presents.

This year consisted of a Christmas Eve of eating nachos and drinking syrup flavor drinks. We watched "The Nativity" after reading the Christmas story. Then we went to bed and got up around 8:30 to open presents. We then had a dinner with ham, potatoes and gravy, jello salad, green salad, relish tray, rolls, and punch. My family was all here except for DeAnna's family that stayed in Utah and Deny's family who are patiently awaiting a little bundle of joy any minute. It was a good Christmas filled with cousins playing, eating food and candies, and puzzle putting together.

The Garage That Grandpa Built

Our garage has been a work in progress. Who ever thinks about the garage as anything much, but I has a vision of putting shelves in it for food storage purposes and for baby storage. Trevor and his brother, Wrangler insulated the walls. Then they sheet rocked it. My wonderful father then taped and textured it with some help from a friend, and then he hung ceiling racks for my 18 gallon totes. (The racks hold 18 totes and they are already full). My dad also has worked hard this November and December on building shelves for my garage. He went so far as to caulk and paint them. It has been so nice to have a place to put things and to have room to do crafts. We have even had family dinners out in the garage (it is the only room big enough to fit everyone).

All done, along with lights and trees for some added Christmas cheer from my boys.

First Snow

We had our first snow a few weeks ago. It was so fun to watch the boys play in it. It was Daxtyn's first experience with it and he loved it. The only thing he hated was being bundled up. He would have been happier without the coat and snowsuit.

My Superhero

Trevor had to dress up as a superhero for school a few weeks ago. Of course, Green Lantern was an easy choice. His favorite superhero.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Talvyn complained of his wrist hurting while he was in the bath tub yesterday.

I asked what was wrong and if he had hurt it.

His answer, " I am probably just growing or I have lego-itis."

Lego-itis= the pain one develops from playing with legos for an extended amount of time.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Serious Discussions

We went for a drive to my brother's house last night and on the way home Talvyn's asked me how boys and girls got married and who picked who. Well I thought that this deserved a serious answer so I start to explain for about three minutes this went on until I hear his little voice say.

"Mom, stop. I was just thinking something."

I thought it was going to be a comment or question about what I had just explained to him.

Instead I got...

"I was just thinking about a commercial."

Trevor and I start laughing.

Talvyn states, "Geico."

I should have answered with, "I'll tell you when you are older."

Daxtyn the Dancer

I have yet to get a good picture of Daxtyn shaking his thang on the table. He loves to climb onto the table and dance. A few weeks ago while Trevor was cleaning the church, he enclosed the boys into the room he was cleaning so that they couldn't escape. A lady was practicing the piano in that room for church the following day. While she was playing and Trevor was cleaning, Daxtyn climbed onto the grand piano and started to shake his thang to the beat of the music. My little performer.

Carving Pumkins

Talvyn with his pumpkin.

We got together with Wrangler and Jesica (before Halloween) to carve pumpkins. We had fun carving, eating dinner, eating carmel apples, and drinking apple cider.

Our family's creations. Talvyn's face. Trevor's vampire. Dana's bugaboo.

First Day of School

This is from Talvyn's first day of pre-school. It started at the beginning of October. He loves school, although he often complains of boredom. His teacher said that he seems to be one of the 'cool kids'--the type that are cool on their own but can walk up to anyone and join them whenever he wants. This kid is very content to be by himself as you can tell from the following conversation:

Me: "Who do you play with at school?"

Talvyn: "Anyone. (pause) But you know who my real best friend is?"

Me: "Who?"

Talvyn pointing to himself: "I really wouldn't mind if there were no one else at school."

Thursday, November 12, 2009

In Bad Taste

Talvyn was supposed to take something that began with the letter N for show and tell today. When I came home he said that he wanted to take Nothing because Nothing started with the letter N. (Why does he have to be one of those too cool kids?) When we got to the school Talvyn ran in and told his teacher I brought two things for show and tell (my puzzlement begins). I brought Nothing and I have a joke for you (not another stupid knock, knock joke)...

"what do you wipe, what do you pick, and what do you pinch?"

A Nose

Ooooh. I think that was in bad taste and not a riddle (joke) I have ever told.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


1. Since I get to occasionally walk the hallways at church and check on all of the dear children in their classrooms I decided to stop and listen to what was going on in Talvyn's room and this is what I heard:

Teacher: "How do we show love to others?"
Talvyn (in serious, stoic voice mode): "Well, we shouldn't kill them."
Teacher (composes herself quickly): "You're right we shouldn't hurt those we love."

2. Talvyn runs into my bedroom looking very angry and states, "I love Daxtyn, but sometimes, sometimes, I really, really hate him."

3. While visiting with friends one night, Talvyn decided to tell the children that he seriously sees ghosts and that he saw one in their bedroom.

4. Talvyn very angrily at me: "Why do we have to have parents? Cause if you guys weren't around I could do whatever I wanted. No one would tell me what to do."

Supposedly all I ever make that kid do is chores.

Pay Day

My coaches and I have been working our rear ends off for a year and a half now trying to rebuild a program. A program that competes with schools much larger and that have families with much more money than us. (Sad to say but money seems to make sports today--whoever can pay for the most club players seems to win.) Well today all of those hours working with little kids and junior high kids, all of those camps, all of those open gyms, and a cheaper Emmett version of club has begun to pay off. My freshman team became district champs at 12:00 and at 1:00 my JV team became district champs. Now the varsity begins on Monday, hopefully we can keep the ball rolling in the right direction.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


You know how you are supposed to be self sufficient and grow a garden? Well I am just not going to do it anymore. It is too time consuming and I need that time with my kids. Every year since we have moved into this house we have planted a small garden which produces abundantly during volleyball season. All of our hard summer work rots on the vine. I have tons of tomatoes, peppers and cantaloupe, but can't find the time to do anything with them. There are not enough hours in the day to get everything done and as I watch people older than us still struggling with time it makes me want to cry. Will life ever slow down to a do-able pace?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Family Pictures

The 40 year club

My dad and his siblings

Our Family

The whole gang

Two sets of crazy girls.

My beautiful family and Talvyn (actually smiling).

Thanks, Diane for taking such nice pictures.

Vollyeball Season

We are back in full swing. Volleyball season began on August 12th. School began the next week. Needless to say, we are pretty busy around here. But...we love it! Go Huskies!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

40 Years and Counting

This weekend was my parents 40th anniversary. We had a huge party that was full of surprises. We had many special visitors that came to surprise my parents. We threw a huge brunch which was where they were supposed to find out about the day, but it was difficult to drag my workaholic father away from his tinkering. He finally came with my mom an hour late. We then had breakfast food for lunch and then went to the park for family pictures which my great friend Diane B. did. After that we went back to my house to watch the two DVD's of all of their photos set to music. Then we had dinner (which my aunties so kindly made all of the salads for) and watched my parents cut the cake. After the clean-up we headed up to Starlight Mountain Theater and watched Footloose the musical. My parents were called up on stage at intermission where my Dad was scared that they were going to make him dance. They were nice and had everyone sing to them. It was a wonderful day of visiting, food and surprises. Happy 40th anniversary Mom and Dad!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

To My Beloved 5 Year Old...

...despite what you may have learned or witnessed from others, wastebaskets are not for bodily fluid waste. For the past five years we have been referring to a different kind of trash, garbage or waste that goes into a garbage can. Please use garbage cans appropriately.

Your Mother

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Talvyn Outbursts

Talking back to his parents after being asked to get a diaper for Daxtyn: "Why do I have to do everything around here?"

Talking about a cousin while they were playing: "Ahhh! He is treating me like a dog!"

Talking about going to visit his Aunt DeAnna: "I hate going there. All she ever does is say (he mimics this in his whinny voice) 'Hiiii, Talvyn' and I hate that!"

Talking about going to church: "I hate going to that crappy, poopy, stupid place. All they ever do is teach you bad stuff." (I am glad he doesn't know any real swear words because I am sure that those would have been used.)

And my favorite.........
While driving to Utah in the dark and in all seriousness: "Mom, Dad, I see dead people. I really really do. They are everywhere." (No, he hasn't seen the Sixth Sense and before this statement scared us too bad we asked him what they looked like. He answered that they look like white dresses with black eyes. Whew! No real dead people, I guess.) Later on the same drive he was convinced that he saw the Batman signal light up the sky too.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Old Friend

Kosha (Packer) Brown was one of my best friends in college. We played volleyball together at school and we went through a lot together in those days (heartbreak, loves found, and had a ton of fun together). We haven't seen each other in ten years and this week she came to Boise for work for one day and we got together. It was just like old times. We still had things in common and still had lots to talk and giggle about. Hopefully it will not be ten years before we see each other again.

Family Get Togethers

My oldest sister, DeAnna came to town this past week with her kids. Since all of the Grandchildren were together we decided to take a picture for the grandparents (thanks Jenn for taking time out of your schedule to get Marek there, I really do know that it was a sacrifice for you). This place is by my parents house. The train tracks used to run right next to it and us kids used to play in this cement box in our youth.

When we three sisters get together, we try to take a picture that looks similar to this one. The tradition started at Deny and Jenn's wedding almost six years ago. I think that age suits us. The first picture is from the wedding and the second one is from this week.

This year we added Danny to the picture (Deny was at work).

Here are my cute kids. I was pretty happy with it because Daxtyn is giving a face that is different than the everyday stoic expression that he wears.

Sunday Best

Notice the missing child. Yep, Talvyn hates church and the ties and the white shirts and the sitting still. Every Sunday it is the same story, except he forgets that every time he comes out happy and ready to repeat the lesson that he was taught that day (if asked).


We have spent a lot of time in our yard this summer. Trevor has done an excellent job of watering everything and together we planted a lot of flowers, shrubs, a little garden, and kept the lawn looking pretty green.