Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Little Man

The other night as I put Talvyn to bed our conversation went like this:

Talvyn: Do you know where I am going to go on my mission?

Me: No

Talvyn: I am going to go to Mars.

Me: Really?

Talvyn: Yes, I really, really am.


Me: Talvyn, do you remember when you were playing by yourself in your bedroom today?

Talvyn: Yes.

Me: Why were you saying "AT&T doesn't have any bars around here?"

Talvyn: Because I was pretending that I was with a bunch of bad guys and I was trying to trick them into thinking that I didn't have any money. But I did; I had a lot of money.

Me: But AT&T doesn't have anything to do with money.

Talvyn: (sigh) It was on a commercial.

Me: (laughing) Go to sleep.


Nicole Williams said...

Talvyn is so funny! He never ceases to amaze me with the things he comes up with.

Mary T. said...

He is quite funny!! Kids keep us laughing!!

Holly said...

What a funny, imaginative boy! We sure appreciate Talvyn and that he and Ethan can be Primary buddies!