Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nice dinner conversation.

Talvyn (to both Trevor and I): You think that I am pretty lazy, don't you.
Trevor and I just stared at each other in awe.
Talvyn: Just ask me something.
Trevor (looking quizzically): How was your day?
Talvyn: *no sound*


Understanding dawns: Talvyn was being so lazy that he couldn't even answer a simple question.

Then the giggles erupt.


Di said...

He is definately a clone of Daniel, but you know that.

'T' said...

That's it... he's going to be a stand up comedian. He'll be the next Brian Regan. ha ha ha.

Holly said...

He is just too funny!

Lindsay said...

I absolutely LOVE when kids say the darndest things! I cant wait!