Sunday, March 15, 2009

Talking Back to the TV

I was flipping through the television and came across a movie. The guy in the movie was in the hospital and was forced to eat jello. The comment on TV was that "tough guys don't eat jello." Talvyn immediately looked at me and said, "I am strong and I like jello."

Talvyn is my commercial man. Lately, there has been a commercial on TV about the amazing food chopper. I know Talvyn has watched it because one day while I was using mine he asked me all kinds of questions about it. "Does it chop like this, can it chop like that, etc." I answered yes to all of the above questions and then Talvyn hit me with the, "yea, but can it open up for easy cleaning." To which I answered yes. I think he is finally secure in the knowledge that his mom bought a decent food chopper.

While watching a commercial for the bender ball on TV, Talvyn looked at me and said, "we don't need one of those. See." He then layed on my ottoman and lifted his legs up in the air. He didn't need that bender ball to do leg lifts.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pink Eye Repeat

Now Daxtyn has pink eye in both eyes. It sucks.

* I don't have to use drops for Daxtyn. I have an antibiotic cream that I smear onto his lid. The exact same stuff that I had to use on him for a clogged, infected eye-duct when he was a few weeks old. He lets me put it onto him just fine.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I think I would know

The other day Trevor's parents came to visit to watch Mackay boys in the state basketball tournament. *They won, by the way! Go Miners.* They decided to take Talvyn to one of the games with them and as I got him ready to go I asked him to go use the bathroom. This was his reply (in an annoyed whinny voice): "I don't have to go. I think I would know if I needed to go and I don't need to go. I don't have anything in me."

Well, he won. He didn't have to "go," but still continued to get ready for the game. As he was heading out the door. I handed his Grandma Williams some Friend magazines and colored pencils. She asked Talvyn if that was all that he needed to take with him (assuming he needed more to keep him entertained at a basketball game). Talvyn's response, "Yeah, I am pretty creative, so that's all I need."

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pink Eye

Talvyn has not one pink eye, but two pink eyes (literally double pink eye). He also has complained of an aching body, had a fever, been coughing, had a runny nose & stuffy nose, and had ear aches.

I hate having a sick kid. I would rather it were me. At least I can control my scratching and touching others with my germy fingers.