Friday, May 29, 2009

School Is Out

Yeah! Summer break officially began today for me.

Daxtyn Turns One


The carousel cake. I wasn't going to make anything special for this birthday, but my great friend Di gave me the idea. She then baked the cake and made the frosting for me. What an awesome friend!

First bite of frosting.
Yummy. He did freak out a little when he tried to grab the ice cream. It was cold and it froze his hands and mushed through his fingers so he couldn't get a mouthful...very upsetting!


Daxtyn got a cute outfit from his Grandma and Grandpa Williams (a few days earlier). He got a carseat and waterbottles from his family. He also got a toy camera from his Grandma and Grandpa Fuhrmann.


Jump Creek

We decided to do a little hike. We woke up and borrowed my parents pick up and drove to Nampa to have brunch at IHOP. (I left my wallet there, but someone very nice turned it in without taking anything--that we know of.) We drove to Jump Creek and hiked up the canyon to see the waterfall. The trail was covered with poison ivy and oak, but Talvyn had a good time.

Talvyn's Doings

Talvyn has been playing video games, constructing with Legos, and lately destroying his parents freshly planted garden to build a dirt track. What a fun summer!

School Year Ending

Talvyn finished up his first year of preschool. He loved it and his wonderful teachers. He received an award for knowing all of his shapes and colors and drawing the best space and monster pictures. Academically Talvyn does very well and we are very proud of him. He can count to 100 and read some words and knows his letters. He will be very young if we start him in kindergarten next year, so we have decided to put him in preschool for one more year. Yeah another fun year before we start the rigorous kindergarten schedule.

My Little Climber

He climbs on the furniture. He climbs on the chairs. He climbs over the furniture. He climbs out of his high chair onto the table. He climbs everywhere, but he will not walk.

Cookie Monster

Daxtyn had his first chocolate chip cookie the other day. He ate the entire thing.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sleeping Hero

Talvyn LOVES his Spiderman towel that he got from his aunt DeAnna. This towel is so cool that he uses it for play time not just bath time.

On a side note: Talvyn came up to me and told me that he "really, really flew once." I asked where. He said in the living room when I jumped from one couch to the next.

Another note: We had a blackwidow spider in our shed and I asked Talvyn what would happen if it bit him (trying to teach him that it was dangerous). He said, "I don't know...get superpowers." Ohhhh...NO!

Preschool Zoo Trip

Trevor was able to take the day off of work and take Talvyn on his fieldtrip to the zoo. Talvyn had been looking forward to this for weeks and so had Trevor because it was his first day off this year. They had a picnic in the park next to the zoo consisting of Lunchables (Talvyn's favorite). They also made a stop at Gamestop on the way home and Trevor let Talvyn pick out a new video game...Lego Batman. Trevor came home with Raving Rabids TV Party for "the family".

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

That's Entertainment

Yes, the newest form of Daxtyn entertainment is watching the computer while I-tunes is playing. He was just standing there against the computer desk straining his neck for at least a half of an hour before we finally just got him his chair to watch.

On a flashback note: Talvyn used to watch the computer screen for hours when he was Daxtyn's age. It was the only way that I could take a shower without him screaming while we lived in Grangeville. If you are a bystander it kind of seems as if we are brain washing our children with their wide open eyes fixated on the wild images that flash and twirl on the screen .

Trevor's Birthday

This was Trevor's birthday cake. I know a Zinger caterpillar seems pretty juvenile but Trevor really likes Hostess. Last year it was a donut kabob and the year before it was a ding dong tower.

My Little Boy

This was a photo that Talvyn took the other day. He loves to take pictures. On an excuse note, I was having a bad hair day and needed to put on some make-up. Please, just take notice of the very cute little boy and the talent that his 4 year old brother is gaining of holding a camera without covering the lens with his fingers.

Matching Vests

My boys got some cute Easter vests from their Grandma Williams. Here they are in their cute little ensembles.

Talvyn thought he looked like a gangster, hence the fun pose.

I love my boots, I love my boots

Talvyn recently received some hand-me-down irrigation boots from his cousin Drew. He wears them everyday.

He wears them for play.

He wears them in combat against forces of destruction.

He even wears them with his pj's.

He loves his boots.

He Doesn't Even Know Jesus

Family Night: A night (Monday) set aside weekly to spent time with the family. Ours typically consists of a prayer, song (for the kids), treat, planned activity, and a planned moral lesson.

Last night was family night and it is always so interesting to hear our child's comments on family night.

Talvyn's comment last night went like this, "J-----(name omitted) doesn't even know who Jesus is.

We looked at him puzzled waiting for his explanation.

Talvyn continued, "he said that Jesus lives (points upwards)."

We then asked, "where does He live?"

Talvyn points towards the ground.

Deep sigh from parents and the thought that this kid is going to go home and tell his parents what Talvyn said and they are going to think "crazy Mormons." Aloud to Talvyn, "what do you mean?"

"You know he lives here," continues Talvyn, "you drive up that road to that place by the mountains... that is where."

After we started chuckling. He added, "and Heaven is on Earth, you know."

I'm guessing that he was a little confused about the terms "House of the Lord" and "Heaven on Earth." Poor kid at least he knows who Jesus is; just a little confused about his exact residence.