Tuesday, May 5, 2009

He Doesn't Even Know Jesus

Family Night: A night (Monday) set aside weekly to spent time with the family. Ours typically consists of a prayer, song (for the kids), treat, planned activity, and a planned moral lesson.

Last night was family night and it is always so interesting to hear our child's comments on family night.

Talvyn's comment last night went like this, "J-----(name omitted) doesn't even know who Jesus is.

We looked at him puzzled waiting for his explanation.

Talvyn continued, "he said that Jesus lives (points upwards)."

We then asked, "where does He live?"

Talvyn points towards the ground.

Deep sigh from parents and the thought that this kid is going to go home and tell his parents what Talvyn said and they are going to think "crazy Mormons." Aloud to Talvyn, "what do you mean?"

"You know he lives here," continues Talvyn, "you drive up that road to that place by the mountains... that is where."

After we started chuckling. He added, "and Heaven is on Earth, you know."

I'm guessing that he was a little confused about the terms "House of the Lord" and "Heaven on Earth." Poor kid at least he knows who Jesus is; just a little confused about his exact residence.


Rita Peck said...

Poor guy. We do have a lot of places we say Jesus is. Glad he knows one of them. Smart kid

'T' said...

too funny.

Ryan and Sarah's Family said...

I agree with Talyvn. I think that Heaven can be on earth. Who's to say Heaven isn't really just an extention of earth that we can't see!

Heston Williams said...

That is really cute!