Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sleeping Hero

Talvyn LOVES his Spiderman towel that he got from his aunt DeAnna. This towel is so cool that he uses it for play time not just bath time.

On a side note: Talvyn came up to me and told me that he "really, really flew once." I asked where. He said in the living room when I jumped from one couch to the next.

Another note: We had a blackwidow spider in our shed and I asked Talvyn what would happen if it bit him (trying to teach him that it was dangerous). He said, "I don't know...get superpowers." Ohhhh...NO!


DeAnna said...

Of course, his coolest aunt would give him the coolest towel. I just knew he would LOVE that!

'T' said...

love him imagination... he's a keeper. and a kindergartner this fall?? are you going to the williams reunion in idaho falls the 13th?