Tuesday, May 5, 2009

That's Entertainment

Yes, the newest form of Daxtyn entertainment is watching the computer while I-tunes is playing. He was just standing there against the computer desk straining his neck for at least a half of an hour before we finally just got him his chair to watch.

On a flashback note: Talvyn used to watch the computer screen for hours when he was Daxtyn's age. It was the only way that I could take a shower without him screaming while we lived in Grangeville. If you are a bystander it kind of seems as if we are brain washing our children with their wide open eyes fixated on the wild images that flash and twirl on the screen .


'T' said...

I'm going to try this! Those boys of yours are pretty dern handsome. I LOVE the cake for Trevor, you seriously ROCK.

Kristi said...

Love your posts! Trevors cake is great! I can't buy or eat a raspberry zinger w/out having flashbacks!!!! Easter came.....I didn't get an easter basket like I did that first year~did you??? (Thank goodness!) That is TOO funny they watch the computer like that! That's the way my kids were with Baby Einstein movies! Fun ages! Have a good summer~we'll give you a jingle when we come that way! We'd love to see ya!

ReRush said...

Haha, visualizations are great aren't they? Liking the new theme!