Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Park

After the MK Nature Center we went to this little park nearby. It is specially designed for children 2-12. It was perfect. Also, I usually feel really weird at parks because I feel like I am always hovering over my children and there I fit right in. Every signal parent, besides one dad sitting in a chair, was on the equipment with there kids hovering or playing. It was a great day. Talvyn loved everything especially the slides, and Daxtyn loved the swing and the steering wheel.

MK Wildlife Center

We decided to go to the Morrison Knudsen Nature Center this week for our family date because it is educational and free (we spent enough money eating at the cheesecake factory prior to center). There is a place for kids to learn about animals, do art work, and see some taxidermy.

Talvyn got to do some animal rubbing, make animal tracks in the sand, lift up fake fish that represented the actual size and weight of the fish, look at a representation of a bear cave and see how a bat might live.

Here we did some bird watching. We saw four different kinds in about three minutes.

There were a few places like this around the center where you can see the fish swimming in the stream. It would be a trout fisherman's dream, if you could actually fish there. Dax actually looked at the fish, pointed and said, "fish."

Here are some pictures of us on our tour. On one of the bridges we saw a mink swimming around a pond by a beaver dam. We think he might have been fishing. We also saw some butterflies in the flower gardens.

This is what they envisioned as a formal garden. I liked it.

"Take my picture!"

The Talv-man

Here is Talvyn in his new (new to us) Batman pajamas.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I love my....

...Cowboy Boots!

Gee thanks, Dina!

Quiet Destroyer

Daxtyn has been into everything. The first picture shows how he can get out snack food and distribute it all over the living room floor. The second picture is after he had been sitting on a goldfish cracker for a little while.

Rose Garden

We went to the rose garden that is next to the zoo in Julia Davis Park. The roses were beautiful.

Zoo Date

We went to the zoo for half price Thursday. We really loved the new African exhibit with giraffes, zebras, lions, and hyenas.

Talvyn walked up to the Kimono Dragon and said, "what is wrong with it?" We said, "nothing." He then said, "where are the wings?" I guess we are a little into fantasy around here and Talvyn thought that dragons were real.

We were just on the other side of the glass for this shot and what you don't see is this tiger coming right at Talvyn who was standing with his face to the glass. The tiger went right up to the glass. We think that it was hoping that the glass wasn't there.

Backyard Campout

We decided to have a backyard camp out to appease Talvyn's wish for camping. We invited Wrangler and Jesica over and decided to do as much outside as possible. We roasted hot dogs, cooked tin foil vegetables, roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. We slept in tents even though it poured rain. We played cards by the back porch light. We ate breakfast inside, cleaned up camp, and then did another hot dog dinner for lunch. Talvyn had a blast.

On a side note, at the last minute I had to scramble to get some important items such as roasting sticks, wood, and an extra tent. My parents and Danny had to provide us with these items; so a big 'thanks for saving us and for sticking around to enjoy our campout dinner' goes out to them.

Daxtyn's Walking

About two weeks before his first birthday he took that fateful step and now four weeks later. He is everywhere.

Typical "Teacher" Summer

So often we hear, "oh you are so lucky you get your summers off." We often just chuckle and say yeah it is great. Here is what our summer looks like so far.

Dana 12 weeks of teaching break; Trevor 7 1/2 weeks of teaching break.
Go to open gym, take a class, go to open gym, take another class, attend a teaching conference, go to dentist, attend another class, open gym, start teaching 2 on-line classes (22 students), 2 volleyball camps, a lot more open gyms, attend a coaches clinic together, write pacing guides for the next school year, write lesson plans for the next school year, more open gyms, taking care of kids, trying to re-organize things in our house, organizing clothes that my lovely sisters give to me for the kids and possibly girls that I'll never have, volleyball try-outs, volleyball practice, take a mini-vacation (we hope), working in the yard, trying to do something fun with our children once a week.

This truly is a break for us. We don't have as much stress and there are some off days where we don't have anything planned. Teacher summers--I expected them to be a lot different when I was going to school... sitting at home watching television, lounging pool side in our large home, endless vacationing, and playing everyday.