Sunday, June 14, 2009

Typical "Teacher" Summer

So often we hear, "oh you are so lucky you get your summers off." We often just chuckle and say yeah it is great. Here is what our summer looks like so far.

Dana 12 weeks of teaching break; Trevor 7 1/2 weeks of teaching break.
Go to open gym, take a class, go to open gym, take another class, attend a teaching conference, go to dentist, attend another class, open gym, start teaching 2 on-line classes (22 students), 2 volleyball camps, a lot more open gyms, attend a coaches clinic together, write pacing guides for the next school year, write lesson plans for the next school year, more open gyms, taking care of kids, trying to re-organize things in our house, organizing clothes that my lovely sisters give to me for the kids and possibly girls that I'll never have, volleyball try-outs, volleyball practice, take a mini-vacation (we hope), working in the yard, trying to do something fun with our children once a week.

This truly is a break for us. We don't have as much stress and there are some off days where we don't have anything planned. Teacher summers--I expected them to be a lot different when I was going to school... sitting at home watching television, lounging pool side in our large home, endless vacationing, and playing everyday.

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The Sayer Family said...

We get the same thing and it still seems like we don't get everything done during the summer that we want to. Enjoy your time together!