Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Old Friend

Kosha (Packer) Brown was one of my best friends in college. We played volleyball together at school and we went through a lot together in those days (heartbreak, loves found, and had a ton of fun together). We haven't seen each other in ten years and this week she came to Boise for work for one day and we got together. It was just like old times. We still had things in common and still had lots to talk and giggle about. Hopefully it will not be ten years before we see each other again.

Family Get Togethers

My oldest sister, DeAnna came to town this past week with her kids. Since all of the Grandchildren were together we decided to take a picture for the grandparents (thanks Jenn for taking time out of your schedule to get Marek there, I really do know that it was a sacrifice for you). This place is by my parents house. The train tracks used to run right next to it and us kids used to play in this cement box in our youth.

When we three sisters get together, we try to take a picture that looks similar to this one. The tradition started at Deny and Jenn's wedding almost six years ago. I think that age suits us. The first picture is from the wedding and the second one is from this week.

This year we added Danny to the picture (Deny was at work).

Here are my cute kids. I was pretty happy with it because Daxtyn is giving a face that is different than the everyday stoic expression that he wears.

Sunday Best

Notice the missing child. Yep, Talvyn hates church and the ties and the white shirts and the sitting still. Every Sunday it is the same story, except he forgets that every time he comes out happy and ready to repeat the lesson that he was taught that day (if asked).


We have spent a lot of time in our yard this summer. Trevor has done an excellent job of watering everything and together we planted a lot of flowers, shrubs, a little garden, and kept the lawn looking pretty green.

Lego Castle

One day I had the brilliant (hear the dripping sarcasm) idea to build a Lego castle with Talvyn. This was a set of Trevor's from when he was a kid; yes he took immaculate care of his toys and saved them for his own children. It had a few missing pieces at the very end. It took forever. Talvyn got bored. We both got snappy at each other. And this castle will probably never happen again.

Talvyn's Fifth

Uncle Danny thought the hunter pose would work the best for this shot, the head on one side and the weapon on the other.

Talvyn wanted a spider cake this year for his birthday, so I thought that I could have a bug theme party. But no, he had a different idea for his party. We went to Zurchers so that he could pick out a pinata. He flipped through the book of pinatas and told the saleslady, "I want that one (while pointing at a skull)." She looked at me as if I were a terrible mother and told him that they didn't have that pinata except for at Halloween. Well he looked at her and said, "well then I don't want one ." She told him to pick another one, so he poined at a new one and once again they only carried the creepy bat at Halloween. He decided to not have a pinata until we convinced him to have a dragon and a creepy magic party. We had magic wands (long glow sticks), black capes, black balloons, spiderwebs, a spider cake, creepy looking homemade pizzas and salad, witches brew with glow stick straws, and a slay the dragon contest (dragon pinata hit with a wooden sword). All that and he was still unhappy because, "it wasn't really scary." He wanted a haunted house for a birthday party. What kind of freak am I raising....oh yeah he is part Trevor's child.

Rub a Dub

Two boys just out of the tub.


I made the cutest no sew tutus the other day. They honestly took 30 minutes a piece to make, were super easy, and were around $5 a piece. I found out how to make them on Trevor's cousin Lindsay's craft blog. Two super cute, little girls are going to get them soon.

A Blast From the Past

Non matching attire.


Cowboy boots.

Whistling John Williams music (Star Wars, Indiana Jones themes).

Doing some fantasy inspired artwork.

No, it isn't Trevor's old roommate, Ammon.

It is Talvyn.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Talvyn's Mad Skills

We just got Wii sports resort and Talvyn was playing the sword fighting game. Before the battle commenced he stood in front of the television with his wii-mote making his player go crazy with the sword. Trevor looked at Talvyn and said you have to push the A button for it to start. Talvyn answered, "I know, I was just showing him (the opponent) my skills!"

Talvyn recently had a birthday and we went in for his check up with the doctor. She asked him quite a few questions and he had some very interesting answers such as; " Talvyn did you get some nice toys for your birthday?" His reply, "not really, just a transformer because my old one broke all the time and this one doesn't yet." Another question, "Do you like superheroes?" Talvyn replies, "Yeah, I have some action figures and I like those, well one of them, the new one." Yet another question, "Did you have a good birthday?" Talvyn bitterly answered, "it was scary, but I wanted it to be scarier, so it wasn't really the way that I wanted it." The last memorable question, "do you snore?" Talvyn said, "Not really." At this time the doctor was looking at me because I was shaking my head yes, so she asked, "do you snore very loud?" To which Talvyn annoidly answered, "I said not really!" The doctor said, "you don't miss a thing do you, but I was really looking at your mom for the answer." He then said, "oh (with an 'oh brother' tone)." By the end of our visit she asked if my child always sees the glass as half empty and with raised eyebrows told me that he is a very articulate child for the age of five.

That's my crazy, sarcastic boy!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Twin Falls Temple


I would love to have a yard like this with perfect landscaping and a huge cement sidewalk separating the grass from the shrubery so that the kids have a place in the fenced in backyard to ride their bikes. Also notice the automated sprinklers. Yes, this would be my dream backyard.

Besides the absolute splendor of the grounds, the feeling is amazing. Before we entered all of us were tired and really grumpy. As soon as we stepped onto the grounds the feeling of joy and peace over came us all. After the visit we went straight home, but the joyful, pleasant feeling remained.

Shoshone Falls

We visited Shoshone Falls. It was beautiful. There was an old man at the Falls that told us that he had lived there for 50-60 years and hadn't ever seen that much water before.

Mackay Dam

This is what the top of the Dam and the reservoir looked like.

This is the view from the top of the dam looking down and a picture of the bottom. We haven't seen this much water here in years.

Time to walk, explore, and throw rocks with daddy.

This was the culminating event of our trip to Mackay. We got to see Heston, Nicole, Areyan, and Emrey (the very new baby). We played on the farm, visited lots of family, ate at the Drive-in in Arco, and played in Grandma Williams' beautiful yard. We had a lot of fun. Talvyn played so hard that he put a hole in his irrigating boots. Daxtyn took a few tumbles down one of the small stairs then learned quickly how to go down stairs. As always, it goes way too fast.

That night we drove to visit Darrec and Tiniel. I forgot to take my camera inside, but it was a beautiful sight watching our children play together. We sure love visiting them.

Now I Know... ABC's.

The other day I bought Talvyn a white board that has educational games (practice for writing numbers and letters, adding, subtracting, etc.). He got out the graph paper and stuck it into the pad and decided to write his letters. Then he decided to write his name along with his brother's. I think that he did an excellent job.

I failed to mention that he did this by himself.

Great Grandma's House

Playing with second cousins.

Thinking the bridge was a slide.

Having a great time.

Talking flower talk with Great Grandma Stewart.

Visiting Great Grandpa's grave.

While we were in Mackay we visited Great Grandma Stewart. It was her 79th birthday. Trudy made a yummy chocolate cake and uncle Craig made a strawberry frosted cake. We had a nice time visiting and looking over all of Grandma's hard work in the garden and the sewing room.