Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Family Get Togethers

My oldest sister, DeAnna came to town this past week with her kids. Since all of the Grandchildren were together we decided to take a picture for the grandparents (thanks Jenn for taking time out of your schedule to get Marek there, I really do know that it was a sacrifice for you). This place is by my parents house. The train tracks used to run right next to it and us kids used to play in this cement box in our youth.

When we three sisters get together, we try to take a picture that looks similar to this one. The tradition started at Deny and Jenn's wedding almost six years ago. I think that age suits us. The first picture is from the wedding and the second one is from this week.

This year we added Danny to the picture (Deny was at work).

Here are my cute kids. I was pretty happy with it because Daxtyn is giving a face that is different than the everyday stoic expression that he wears.


DeAnna said...

OK..I really need these pictures. We totally look better as we get older! Sweet!!!

Vanetta said...

Loved the pictures!! They made me cry. You look so good together. And your children are so cute, cant wait to see them in person.