Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mackay Dam

This is what the top of the Dam and the reservoir looked like.

This is the view from the top of the dam looking down and a picture of the bottom. We haven't seen this much water here in years.

Time to walk, explore, and throw rocks with daddy.

This was the culminating event of our trip to Mackay. We got to see Heston, Nicole, Areyan, and Emrey (the very new baby). We played on the farm, visited lots of family, ate at the Drive-in in Arco, and played in Grandma Williams' beautiful yard. We had a lot of fun. Talvyn played so hard that he put a hole in his irrigating boots. Daxtyn took a few tumbles down one of the small stairs then learned quickly how to go down stairs. As always, it goes way too fast.

That night we drove to visit Darrec and Tiniel. I forgot to take my camera inside, but it was a beautiful sight watching our children play together. We sure love visiting them.

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