Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Talvyn's Fifth

Uncle Danny thought the hunter pose would work the best for this shot, the head on one side and the weapon on the other.

Talvyn wanted a spider cake this year for his birthday, so I thought that I could have a bug theme party. But no, he had a different idea for his party. We went to Zurchers so that he could pick out a pinata. He flipped through the book of pinatas and told the saleslady, "I want that one (while pointing at a skull)." She looked at me as if I were a terrible mother and told him that they didn't have that pinata except for at Halloween. Well he looked at her and said, "well then I don't want one ." She told him to pick another one, so he poined at a new one and once again they only carried the creepy bat at Halloween. He decided to not have a pinata until we convinced him to have a dragon and a creepy magic party. We had magic wands (long glow sticks), black capes, black balloons, spiderwebs, a spider cake, creepy looking homemade pizzas and salad, witches brew with glow stick straws, and a slay the dragon contest (dragon pinata hit with a wooden sword). All that and he was still unhappy because, "it wasn't really scary." He wanted a haunted house for a birthday party. What kind of freak am I raising....oh yeah he is part Trevor's child.


The Sayer Family said...

I can't believe he is 5 already! What a handsome little guy you have. Happy Birthday Talvyn!

ReRush said...

Haha. He'll grow out of it. Hopefully... just got love and support. :)