Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Talvyn's Mad Skills

We just got Wii sports resort and Talvyn was playing the sword fighting game. Before the battle commenced he stood in front of the television with his wii-mote making his player go crazy with the sword. Trevor looked at Talvyn and said you have to push the A button for it to start. Talvyn answered, "I know, I was just showing him (the opponent) my skills!"

Talvyn recently had a birthday and we went in for his check up with the doctor. She asked him quite a few questions and he had some very interesting answers such as; " Talvyn did you get some nice toys for your birthday?" His reply, "not really, just a transformer because my old one broke all the time and this one doesn't yet." Another question, "Do you like superheroes?" Talvyn replies, "Yeah, I have some action figures and I like those, well one of them, the new one." Yet another question, "Did you have a good birthday?" Talvyn bitterly answered, "it was scary, but I wanted it to be scarier, so it wasn't really the way that I wanted it." The last memorable question, "do you snore?" Talvyn said, "Not really." At this time the doctor was looking at me because I was shaking my head yes, so she asked, "do you snore very loud?" To which Talvyn annoidly answered, "I said not really!" The doctor said, "you don't miss a thing do you, but I was really looking at your mom for the answer." He then said, "oh (with an 'oh brother' tone)." By the end of our visit she asked if my child always sees the glass as half empty and with raised eyebrows told me that he is a very articulate child for the age of five.

That's my crazy, sarcastic boy!


Nat said...

He is definitely a very articulate boy!

Rita Peck said...

TOo funny. Amazing to see how the world looks from a child's mind

Nicole Williams said...

He is too funny! He is a very smart boy!