Tuesday, August 25, 2009

40 Years and Counting

This weekend was my parents 40th anniversary. We had a huge party that was full of surprises. We had many special visitors that came to surprise my parents. We threw a huge brunch which was where they were supposed to find out about the day, but it was difficult to drag my workaholic father away from his tinkering. He finally came with my mom an hour late. We then had breakfast food for lunch and then went to the park for family pictures which my great friend Diane B. did. After that we went back to my house to watch the two DVD's of all of their photos set to music. Then we had dinner (which my aunties so kindly made all of the salads for) and watched my parents cut the cake. After the clean-up we headed up to Starlight Mountain Theater and watched Footloose the musical. My parents were called up on stage at intermission where my Dad was scared that they were going to make him dance. They were nice and had everyone sing to them. It was a wonderful day of visiting, food and surprises. Happy 40th anniversary Mom and Dad!


'T' said...

how fun!

Nicole Williams said...

Sounds like lots of fun!

dianeb said...

Well Dana - you didn't say "NO" so I gave the world a sneak peek of your photo shoot!!!
I had soooo much fun with your family - thanks for giving me this opportunity!
love ya!!!

Deny, Jenn, Marek, & RyAnna (coming soon) said...

This picture is somewhat freaky. Because of how much I look like Dad. Some people saw this picture, and they were stunned. I guess I know what I would have looked like back then. :)