Saturday, October 17, 2009


1. Since I get to occasionally walk the hallways at church and check on all of the dear children in their classrooms I decided to stop and listen to what was going on in Talvyn's room and this is what I heard:

Teacher: "How do we show love to others?"
Talvyn (in serious, stoic voice mode): "Well, we shouldn't kill them."
Teacher (composes herself quickly): "You're right we shouldn't hurt those we love."

2. Talvyn runs into my bedroom looking very angry and states, "I love Daxtyn, but sometimes, sometimes, I really, really hate him."

3. While visiting with friends one night, Talvyn decided to tell the children that he seriously sees ghosts and that he saw one in their bedroom.

4. Talvyn very angrily at me: "Why do we have to have parents? Cause if you guys weren't around I could do whatever I wanted. No one would tell me what to do."

Supposedly all I ever make that kid do is chores.

Pay Day

My coaches and I have been working our rear ends off for a year and a half now trying to rebuild a program. A program that competes with schools much larger and that have families with much more money than us. (Sad to say but money seems to make sports today--whoever can pay for the most club players seems to win.) Well today all of those hours working with little kids and junior high kids, all of those camps, all of those open gyms, and a cheaper Emmett version of club has begun to pay off. My freshman team became district champs at 12:00 and at 1:00 my JV team became district champs. Now the varsity begins on Monday, hopefully we can keep the ball rolling in the right direction.