Saturday, October 17, 2009


1. Since I get to occasionally walk the hallways at church and check on all of the dear children in their classrooms I decided to stop and listen to what was going on in Talvyn's room and this is what I heard:

Teacher: "How do we show love to others?"
Talvyn (in serious, stoic voice mode): "Well, we shouldn't kill them."
Teacher (composes herself quickly): "You're right we shouldn't hurt those we love."

2. Talvyn runs into my bedroom looking very angry and states, "I love Daxtyn, but sometimes, sometimes, I really, really hate him."

3. While visiting with friends one night, Talvyn decided to tell the children that he seriously sees ghosts and that he saw one in their bedroom.

4. Talvyn very angrily at me: "Why do we have to have parents? Cause if you guys weren't around I could do whatever I wanted. No one would tell me what to do."

Supposedly all I ever make that kid do is chores.


'T' said...

ha tal! and good job coach!

DeAnna said...

My comment on #4. Jacob has said the same thing but adds "Then, I could have a life of my own."

Kristi said...

At least he knows what NOT to do to those we love! :)Cracks me up! Kids, even though they're little, know we are out to get them huh? Chores and all! Uhmm.. the ghost thing makes me laugh so hard!!! Maybe he really has paranormal abilities!?!?!? ;)

Rita Peck said...

Love it. The primary story is awesome. Gonna have to share that one. My kids feel the same way about parents. Apparently my children when fathers won't make kids go to bed, stop fun things and let them play with their friends all the time.

JoMax said...

That was funny! Your kids sound like a riot. That kind of honesty and thinking is just what makes kids so unique.

I need to get in touch with you guys. We might be accepting a job in Nampa and will be closer to your area. We're curious to what the area is like.