Monday, November 30, 2009

Serious Discussions

We went for a drive to my brother's house last night and on the way home Talvyn's asked me how boys and girls got married and who picked who. Well I thought that this deserved a serious answer so I start to explain for about three minutes this went on until I hear his little voice say.

"Mom, stop. I was just thinking something."

I thought it was going to be a comment or question about what I had just explained to him.

Instead I got...

"I was just thinking about a commercial."

Trevor and I start laughing.

Talvyn states, "Geico."

I should have answered with, "I'll tell you when you are older."

Daxtyn the Dancer

I have yet to get a good picture of Daxtyn shaking his thang on the table. He loves to climb onto the table and dance. A few weeks ago while Trevor was cleaning the church, he enclosed the boys into the room he was cleaning so that they couldn't escape. A lady was practicing the piano in that room for church the following day. While she was playing and Trevor was cleaning, Daxtyn climbed onto the grand piano and started to shake his thang to the beat of the music. My little performer.

Carving Pumkins

Talvyn with his pumpkin.

We got together with Wrangler and Jesica (before Halloween) to carve pumpkins. We had fun carving, eating dinner, eating carmel apples, and drinking apple cider.

Our family's creations. Talvyn's face. Trevor's vampire. Dana's bugaboo.

First Day of School

This is from Talvyn's first day of pre-school. It started at the beginning of October. He loves school, although he often complains of boredom. His teacher said that he seems to be one of the 'cool kids'--the type that are cool on their own but can walk up to anyone and join them whenever he wants. This kid is very content to be by himself as you can tell from the following conversation:

Me: "Who do you play with at school?"

Talvyn: "Anyone. (pause) But you know who my real best friend is?"

Me: "Who?"

Talvyn pointing to himself: "I really wouldn't mind if there were no one else at school."

Thursday, November 12, 2009

In Bad Taste

Talvyn was supposed to take something that began with the letter N for show and tell today. When I came home he said that he wanted to take Nothing because Nothing started with the letter N. (Why does he have to be one of those too cool kids?) When we got to the school Talvyn ran in and told his teacher I brought two things for show and tell (my puzzlement begins). I brought Nothing and I have a joke for you (not another stupid knock, knock joke)...

"what do you wipe, what do you pick, and what do you pinch?"

A Nose

Ooooh. I think that was in bad taste and not a riddle (joke) I have ever told.