Monday, November 30, 2009

Serious Discussions

We went for a drive to my brother's house last night and on the way home Talvyn's asked me how boys and girls got married and who picked who. Well I thought that this deserved a serious answer so I start to explain for about three minutes this went on until I hear his little voice say.

"Mom, stop. I was just thinking something."

I thought it was going to be a comment or question about what I had just explained to him.

Instead I got...

"I was just thinking about a commercial."

Trevor and I start laughing.

Talvyn states, "Geico."

I should have answered with, "I'll tell you when you are older."


Kristi said...

Better than the "Where do babies come from?" Or you think you got that one covered by saying, from Heavenly Father......only to get a response of "well how do they get in your belly??" Uhhhh......magic?????
Hope he thought about all he needed to think about that Geico commercial!! :)

Nicole Williams said...

Talvyn is so funny, and Daxtyn is getting so big and cute! Dana, You are looking Awesome! Your hair has gotten so long. We miss you guys, and can't wait to see you at Christmas.