Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

This is Talvyn immediately after he ripped off a big piece of wrapping paper and told us that he just had to use it to write a thank you note right away. (He even looked at us and said, "Wow I wonder why I got so many things--maybe I've been really good this year.") This is Daxtyn in the Tinkertoys bucket just being too cute.

The boys sitting in front of their stuff and Daxtyn playing in his new inflatable play area.

The room before the opening of presents.

This year consisted of a Christmas Eve of eating nachos and drinking syrup flavor drinks. We watched "The Nativity" after reading the Christmas story. Then we went to bed and got up around 8:30 to open presents. We then had a dinner with ham, potatoes and gravy, jello salad, green salad, relish tray, rolls, and punch. My family was all here except for DeAnna's family that stayed in Utah and Deny's family who are patiently awaiting a little bundle of joy any minute. It was a good Christmas filled with cousins playing, eating food and candies, and puzzle putting together.


'T' said...

fun updates!

looks like a great christmas (love the inflatable play area!)

your garage looks fabulous

trevor also looks very natural as a super hero, prob. cuz he is super and one of my heros.


Nicole Williams said...

Merry Christmas! We can't wait to see you guys. Your garage looks great!

Holly said...

Your boys are just too cute, Talvyn comes up with the funniest things! That ball pit looks fun, I want one for myself!

Rita Peck said...

very cute. glad Christmas went so well