Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Garage That Grandpa Built

Our garage has been a work in progress. Who ever thinks about the garage as anything much, but I has a vision of putting shelves in it for food storage purposes and for baby storage. Trevor and his brother, Wrangler insulated the walls. Then they sheet rocked it. My wonderful father then taped and textured it with some help from a friend, and then he hung ceiling racks for my 18 gallon totes. (The racks hold 18 totes and they are already full). My dad also has worked hard this November and December on building shelves for my garage. He went so far as to caulk and paint them. It has been so nice to have a place to put things and to have room to do crafts. We have even had family dinners out in the garage (it is the only room big enough to fit everyone).

All done, along with lights and trees for some added Christmas cheer from my boys.


Kim A. Hodges said...

I love the shelves! We are finishing up our shelving in the garage, but your shelving looks SOOO much better than ours! Have fun filling all of them! :)

Nat said...

Wow. Your garage looks really amazing. I'm jealous. Our garage could really use some work. And I love the Christmas decorations. And the two boys sitting on the shelf.

Holly said...

That looks so good! How nice to feel all organized and to have a pretty place to keep it all. If they need any more projects, feel free to send them my way! :)