Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Talvyn complained of his wrist hurting while he was in the bath tub yesterday.

I asked what was wrong and if he had hurt it.

His answer, " I am probably just growing or I have lego-itis."

Lego-itis= the pain one develops from playing with legos for an extended amount of time.


Jandi said...

Really that kid is hilarious! What a cute picture of you and Daxtyn too!!

Kim A. Hodges said...

Where does he come up with these things!?! How funny!

Nicole Williams said...

At least he admits it. That is the first step. He is so funny!

Holly said...

Not Lego-itis! That's pretty serious. I hope he recovers in time for the holidays!

Kristi said...

As a mother of 2 busy boys....I LOVE legoitis!! Because it means that mom has had quiet from the boys for an extended amount of time!!!!

I think he has some medical background, he has his terminology correct. "itis" means inflammation-so he makes perfect sense!!

What a cutie! And can I say you're a hottie! Your picture w/Daxtyn is so cute!