Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Silent One

It is a truth universally accepted that my youngest son will not speak. Oh, he breaks out with the occasional "Ma" or "no," but the amount that he is speaking just isn't even close to making the age level appropriateness mark. Well this past week we had a giant break through. While Talvyn was saying a prayer before lunch, I heard this little voice say, "Heavenly Father please bless us..." I immediately looked up to see Daxtyn's bright blue eyes starring at me as if pleading; don't notice, don't notice. Well I did notice and I looked at him with amazement as he, slowly turned red and turned his eyes downward toward the table trying to escape notice.

The silent sentence speaker has been caught, but quickly has resorted to his silent ways.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MELT My Heart

I have to start out by saying that to get over the winter blues I made a huge deal over V-Day this year. I made Trevor a little gift for each of the fourteen days prior to Love Day (thanks to some awesome friends/family Jes and Diane). He in turn, gave me special notes and gifts for six days in a row (perfume, fondue pot, fondue recipe book, lables, gift card, Lost season 5, flowers). If I told everyone how they actually came and what the notes said I would make everyone cry. For the start of Valentine's Day I made a puzzle for Trevor to find a present but each piece was in a different balloon. The boys had so much fun helping Trevor pop the balloons, put the puzzle together and use the puzzle clues to find a gift for Trevor. Later that night Jesica and I made a three course fondue feast. It was a blast and lasted for at least three hours.

The decorations...

First course...
Spinach Artichoke Cheese Fondue w/ bread, apples, cauliflower, celery, red pepper

Second Course:
Mojo Style (a spicy fondue broth that you cook the food in)
w/ lobster, chicken, shrimp, steak, mushrooms, broccoli, baby potatoes, asparagus, raviolli

Third Course...
Snickers Chocolate Fondue (chocolate, caramel, nuts, and peanut butter)
w/ pound cake, brownies, rice crispy treats, marshmallows, strawberries, bananas

The Happy Couples...
what a great night!

Chinese Night

I looked all over town trying to buy some chopsticks, but couldn't find any. I went to a local Chinese restaurant and offered to buy some from them and instead they just gave me some. I love kind people. We made our own Chinese food and reminded ourselves how to eat with chopsticks (via Kung Fu Panda). I was the only one who lasted the whole night eating with only chopsticks, even the fried rice.

Love From Grandma

Grandma and Grandpa Williams sending their love to the boys for Valentine's Day!

Behind the Picture

What you don't see is that both of these boys are on my lap scream crying. I had been standing with both of them in my arms crying, but they just got too heavy. Trevor thought it was funny and had to take a picture of it. Thank goodness that chorus ended.

Monday, February 1, 2010


This was my first attempt ever at making fudge. Of course, I couldn't make just regular fudge so I tweaked a few recipes. I made milk chocolate fudge on the bottom layer. Homemade caramel for the second layer and then semi-sweet fudge for the top layer. It was yummy.

What Talvyn has been up to...


Playing with (bugging) brother.

Building with Tinkertoys.

Building with Legos.

Reading to Daxtyn. At this particular time he was reading the "scriptures" to Dax. Telling him the story of Samuel the Lamanite. He was even using scripture language correctly (and it came to pass, thee, thou, shalt, etc). It was awesome to walk in on this.

What Dax has been up to...

Playing and reading lots of books.

Playing and loving on mommy.

Giggling and causing mischief.

Drawing. Lots and lots of drawing (notice the legs).

Climbing, climbing, climbing, and more climbing.

New Years Fun!

Sledding on New Year's Eve.

Christmas with the Williams Family. The boys love the capes that Aunt Tiffani made them. They each got two one of Superman and one of Batman.

Oh, the fun with cousins and Grandma and Grandpa!

New Neice--RyAnna

Deny and Jenn had a new baby girl. Precious little, RyAnna
was born on our (Trevor and my) anniversary.

Talvyn's New Suit

Talvyn got his first suit for Christmas.

Christmas Puzzle 2009

Our tradition has been to do a puzzle every year for Christmas. This was the puzzle that we did this year. My dad and I finished this one a few days after Christmas.