Friday, April 23, 2010

Once again...Talvyn

Talvyn celebrated his summer birthday at preschool. He got to bring snacks and he chose carrots sticks, chocolate milk, and oreo cookies. He had his own little plan on how the party should get their carrot sticks and milk and eat the carrot sticks before they get their oreos. I had to prep him all morning that it probably wouldn't work out the way that he planned. I also had to prep his teachers so that they would be ready. Sure enough when I picked Talvyn up from school the teachers said that they had to tell him that the kids had a choice and that he couldn't force the other children to eat their carrots. While riding in the car on the way home Talvyn told me that it was really bad of the other children to not eat healthy food and only eat bad food. I told him that some people didn't eat like us and that we tried to eat right to stay skinny and healthy He then said, "well I am glad that you aren't fat." He continued, "Because if you were fat, I wouldn't kiss you, or hug you...nothing. And...I wouldn't even like you."

I guess we have a lot of teaching to do to overcome this prejudice.


Kim A. Hodges said...

Is Talvyn just too smart for his age!?! :)

Rita Peck said...

It is tough when things don't go your way. My son thinks if you are overweight then you must be pregnant. Caused a few embarressing moments