Monday, June 7, 2010

A Random Family Trip to Pearl

We decided to take trip to a local Ghost Town called Pearl. It used to have 4 saloons, a school, a mercantile, 2 hotels, a church and a lot of miners about 100 years ago. What remains of the Ghost Town...this lone mine and another mine and a couple of trees that don't belong to the area ( Lilac tree, bushes that are not of the sagebrush variety, etc.)

This was the top of the hill just above where Pearl used to be. We couldn't believe how green the mountains were. We have had a lot of rain and flooding lately in this area. We even had a funnel cloud in Boise that didn't quite touch the ground that did a lot of damage.

The boys playing on the rocks at a local lookout. There has been so much water, as you can see by all of the green foliage in the background.

The man usually behind the camera. He had to have a local picture for an IDLA conference. I think that is a pretty good picture of Emmett and the Squaw Butte in the background.

Daxtyn's Birthday Bash

Opening Presents

Eating a Blue Moon Cake with Star Cake Balls

Playing with cousins and big brother

Daxtyn had a fun little birthday party. We had burger shots, salads, fruits and veggies. We drank lemonade and had a great time visiting with family. Daxtyn got some sand toys from Grandma and Grandpa Fuhrmann, some yummy snacks from Deny, Jenn, Marek and RyAnna, a bike from Talvyn, a giant ball from Wrangler and Jesica, and a shirt and Thomas pillow from Grandma and Grandpa Williams. He loves it all!

Daxtyn Shaking It.

Daxtyn is Two

It was a school day for Mommy and Daddy, so we didn't do a whole lot of celebrating that day. We went to Nampa to see Trevor during his small dinner break before his school had graduation. We went to Red Robin and got an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

Some things that Dax likes:
Play with Radiator Springs toys
Thomas the Train
His clothing on properly (he has little fits if his pants or shirt sleeves ride up)
Copying his big brother
Copying his Dad
Snuggling Mommy
Dancing (especially shaking his booty)
Playing outside

Some things that Dax says:
"tickle, tickle, tickle"
"mom, dad, papa,gamma"
"BLLPPP! Ewe, papa" (He blames every single noise on Grandpa)
"Bye, Bye"
"Too" (He says this as he hugs people and we realized that he is saying I Love you too.)
"Drew and Dae Dae" (Daesha)
"no, no"
"Dup" (yup)
"Melmo" (Elmo)
"TB" (T.V.)
"One, two, three, four"
"Ham" (Ponyo Style)

As we are well aware, others do not get to hear these precious sounds because he refuses to speak in public. He just looks at people with his huge blue eyes and keeps a stoic expression the entire time. On the other hand, he is very coordinated for his age.

It amazes me everyday how different two little boys can be. Talvyn can't seem to stop speaking his mind and shows minimal interest in competition and sports; while Daxtyn doesn't speak and is constantly trying to get someone to play some sort of sport or compete with him. Talvyn is extremely cautious and Daxtyn wants to run wild in the street. Yet they love each other and we always find them snuggling somewhere under "tents" pretending to have sleepovers and camp outs. I love my boys.

A Ruined Masterpiece

Talvyn's had a couple masterpieces from school that had been hanging on the fridge for a few weeks. Daxtyn decided that he needed to put his art onto them also. Notice the very tiny scribble marks.
Daxtyn's reaction to the ordeal. "Whatever, man."

Talvyn's reaction..."Life is over."

Spring/Summer Shots

Talvyn's new Lego Star Wars shirt. "Drew and Jacob are going to be so Jealous," said Talvyn.

The boys in the not so double stroller and Talvyn thinking that he is a gangsta.

Easter 2010

Easter morning 2010. We kept it really simple this year. We each got an Easter basket with jelly beans, some chocolate and one gift each. Trevor got Kindle downloads. I got some flip flops. Talvyn got some Legos. Daxtyn got the train Spencer. We watched a wonderful conference and enjoyed time together as a family.

Happiness comes from...

a McDonald's Happy Meal. (Daxtyn looks so enthused.)

i LOVE chocolate

A child after my own heart!

Growth Chart

I made a growth chart recently out of ribbon, plexi-glass and vinyl. I love seeing my kids' measurements. The boys are always going up to it and trying to measure themselves, as Talvyn demonstrates in this picture. (On a side note, please excuse the bathroom picture.)