Monday, June 7, 2010

A Random Family Trip to Pearl

We decided to take trip to a local Ghost Town called Pearl. It used to have 4 saloons, a school, a mercantile, 2 hotels, a church and a lot of miners about 100 years ago. What remains of the Ghost Town...this lone mine and another mine and a couple of trees that don't belong to the area ( Lilac tree, bushes that are not of the sagebrush variety, etc.)

This was the top of the hill just above where Pearl used to be. We couldn't believe how green the mountains were. We have had a lot of rain and flooding lately in this area. We even had a funnel cloud in Boise that didn't quite touch the ground that did a lot of damage.

The boys playing on the rocks at a local lookout. There has been so much water, as you can see by all of the green foliage in the background.

The man usually behind the camera. He had to have a local picture for an IDLA conference. I think that is a pretty good picture of Emmett and the Squaw Butte in the background.

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Holly said...

I've always wondered what was up there...I've lived here for 27 years & have never been. I was just telling Jeff that I haven't ever seen the hills around the valley so green, it's really pretty, but I'm getting tired of the rain!