Thursday, July 29, 2010

Going Private

I know the dreaded word, but it just seems like the smart choice. Leave me your e-mail address or give me a call and give me your e-mail and I will let you in. This will happen on the 5th of August.

Playing at Grandma Williams house

Blowing bubbles with Grandma.

Looking at Grandma's garden.

Looking at the back fields.

Playing basketball.

Playing in the dirt.

New Calling

I guess it was time for a change. Sigh... I really enjoyed primary. I am now the Laurel Advisor in Young Women's. They are a great bunch off girls.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jaggles Canyon

Jaggles Canyon is located behind Trevor's parents' farm. It is the place where we took our first four-wheeler ride. We decided that we would take our children up there.

Talvyn cried because he thought that the four-wheeler ride was scary (too bumpy). He had to ride behind mom on the four-wheeler and I think that he wanted to ride on the front of dad's.

This is the reason that Talvyn had to ride with me. Daxtyn fell asleep and I was trying to drive up the hill one armed and I do not have the upper body strength to handle the four-wheeler on rocky terrain like that. He slept through the entire ride up the canyon and back down the canyon.

Riding out of the canyon looked like the first picture and the picture of me and the kids on the four-wheelers was taken by Trevor after he did a little rock climbing.

The view of Jaggles and the view towards Mackay.

The Future is so Bright...

I gotta wear shades!

Daxtyn swathing with Daddy and Mommy.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Iron Bog Lake

For the Stewart Family Reunion during the 4th of July weekend we went on a hike to Iron Bog Lake. We had a picnic in the parking lot on a giant rock and then began our hike.

Talvyn and Areyan taking a break before the hike even began.

Shortly into the hike we saw the coolest fallen tree. We thought that it looked like a dragon.

We had to cross a couple of water falls while on the hike.

We are almost there.

Iron Bog Lake

Eating treats from Great Aunt Melonie.

Playing in the snow.

We climbed the hike with only a few cries from Talvyn of being bored, tired, sore, etc. On the way up to the lake, he wanted to go home because he had to use the bathroom. We finally convinced him to use the great outdoors. When we finally got to the lake, we played for a while and then decided to hike around it. We had to cross over a log at one point and were covered by some strange sort of bug at another point. Talvyn fell into a hole and soaked his leg clear up to his thigh. Talvyn can't handle wet clothing! He quickly decided that he had enough of the outdoors and stormed off, crying, down the mountain ready to go back to the cars (over a mile away) all by himself because he couldn't stand being wet. We chased him down and headed back to the vehicles with him. Daxtyn fell asleep on the hike down and at a couple of points both boys had to be carried. It was a tough hike with small children, but it was beautiful.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweet Slumber

A nice soft place to go to sleep. I came home from volleyball open gym to find Trevor and Daxtyn asleep like this on our messy bedroom floor.

Yellowstone Trip-Day 4

On our last day we packed up all of our stuff, loaded all the vehicles and headed for home. On our way home we decided to take a scenic byway and stop at Upper Mesa and Lower Mesa Falls and have a picnic lunch. We ate a lot of picnic lunches during this trip.

Upper Mesa Falls

Fun Family Pictures

The Mesa Fall Visitor Center

Lower Mesa Falls

The boys around a pile of scat--being boys.

Our final visit of the day was the Rexburg Temple.

By the end of it all we were exhausted. The boys loved playing in the cabin with their cousins and keep calling it "our cabin." Talvyn said that his favorite part of the trip was playing in the hot tub with all of his cousins. Over all we over planned and over packed but had a fun time being together and finding out our personality colors. We also learned a story from my dad's youth where he tried to touch a sleeping black bear. He prepared himself by giving his brother a loaded rifle and telling him that if the bear came after him then shoot. The bear woke up and ran the other way. He then realized that bears were fast and that he was fortunate that the bear ran away instead of toward him because the bear was so fast that there wouldn't have been any time for his brother to have gotten a shot off in time. Now we know why he kept thinking the people were so stupid standing on the roadside next to the bears. Personal experience does give us knowledge.