Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jaggles Canyon

Jaggles Canyon is located behind Trevor's parents' farm. It is the place where we took our first four-wheeler ride. We decided that we would take our children up there.

Talvyn cried because he thought that the four-wheeler ride was scary (too bumpy). He had to ride behind mom on the four-wheeler and I think that he wanted to ride on the front of dad's.

This is the reason that Talvyn had to ride with me. Daxtyn fell asleep and I was trying to drive up the hill one armed and I do not have the upper body strength to handle the four-wheeler on rocky terrain like that. He slept through the entire ride up the canyon and back down the canyon.

Riding out of the canyon looked like the first picture and the picture of me and the kids on the four-wheelers was taken by Trevor after he did a little rock climbing.

The view of Jaggles and the view towards Mackay.

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Jeremy said...

That is an awesome place to go. I remember going up with Darrec and Trevor several times and climbing the rocks too. Hope is was fun!